Starbase Black Destiny (also Space Station Destiny) was a Star Trek chat sim that served in the Interstellar Simming Confederation (ISC) between ca 1999 and ca 2001.


Starbase Black Destiny simmed Sunday nights at 7pm eastern time in a chat room on America Online. The ISC website proclaimed, the sim was "one of the top rated ISC sims for it's ingenuity and for the scope of the sim. We deal in covert operations that Starfleet can't handle or refuse to because of Interstellar law. We do the dirty work in the Galaxy."


The station served as the base of operations for the entire Black-Ops Fleet and was supported by three fighter squadrons. Station specifications were classified; but the station itself was known to have been located on the Romulan-Dominion boarder and cloaked at all times. The ISC website boasted, "Whether it is fending off Romulan dissidents, destroying enemy military bases, Assassinating heads of state, or saving Earth and the Federation itself....WE ARE THERE!!"

Like its sister sim, OMEGA Victory, Starbase Black Destiny and its crew did not employ Starfleet markings. Rather, they carried distinctive red and black coloring and featured a red delta with a black lighting bolt for insignia.

The station's motto was "Death From the Shadows..."

Command StaffEdit