Simming History Edit

Starbase Everest is a United Space Federation sim. It was founded in 1996 by then Fleet Captain Kieron Lynx.The SIM itself lasts for one hour on Sunday nights from 8:00 - 9:00 PM EST (5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PST).

The departments that it houses are engineering, intelligence, medical, operations, science, and security/tactical. Operations and Intelligence are invitational departments for experienced SIMmers - these departments are much less defined in their role on the Starbase and thus have provided many experienced officers the additional challenge of creating their own definition, boundaries, and environment in the confines of the SIM itself. The command staff are constantly considering new possibilities for departments and positions to fit the needs of the group.

The crew continues the traditions and respect that Starbase Everest has earned over the course of the last 10 years.

Crew Edit

Current Commanding Officer: Sol Berman
Current Executive Officer: Jade Smith
Former Commanding Officers: Kieron Lynx, Zier, Tefa, Traci Tage, Jason Storm, Lyra Rose
Former Executive Officers: Koric Hawkins, Traci Tage, Michael Hunter, Lyra Rose, Sol Berman

(List still being compiled)

Fictional History Edit

Starbase Everest is located in the Tecra System, Alpha Quadrant. It orbits the planet Tecra IV, also nicknamed "New Lugh." The Tecra System borders the Beta Quadrant, is several systems away from the Romulan Neutral Zone, and is approximately a weeks travel at high warp velocity to the nearest densely populated portion of the Federation. The only inhabited planet is Tecra IV, which contains a city and surrounding settlements by the Lughian race. Their ambassador to the Federation is Speaker Lucial, who lives in the Imperial Palace in the heart of the city.

The Starbase is a long cylindrical column with seven Pyras attached to it, labeled A - G. Pyra C is a civilian port while Pyra G is a highly secure section of the station that is home to Starfleet Intelligence and Research and Development. While the Starbase does act in the typical function to the fleet, as well as a traveling and commerce point to many ships en route to the Beta Quadrant, much of this genuine interaction is a cover for the work being done on Pyra G. Only a few officers on the Starbase are uniquely aware of the existence and operation of the various groups on Pyra G. At one point, the Chief of Starfleet Intelligence himself, Admiral HyRisk, occupied an office on Pyra G.

Two starships are permanently assigned to the Starbase. Originally experimental ships, both now proudly display NCC registries. The USS Infinity, an Infinity class ship, was designed primarily as a battleship and is equipped with state of the art armaments and defense capabilities. Moreover, the propulsion system has been overhauled to increase maneuverability at the cost of top warp speeds. The USS Mystique, a defiant/science class hybrid, only comes with standard starship armaments for a ship her size. However, the Mystique is in constant use for her upgraded and experimental technology involved sensors, science devices, deflector technology, and inertial dampeners. Both ships see constant usage and are deployed depending on the mission.

Many of the crew have graduated from Starfleet Academy and contain advanced degrees in the field they serve in. An Ambassadorial staff is also housed including a Vulcan and Lughian ambassador. Until formal relations are re-established, the Romulan ambassador has been expelled from Starbase Everest.

Technical Specifications Edit

(as designed by USFLynx, and modified by subsequent captains)

Location: Tecra System, Alpha Quadrant
Classification: Starbase
Objectives: R&D, Covert Operations, Exploration

Length: 5,000 meters (Main Ops)
Width: 700 meters (Main Ops diameter)
Width: 4,000 meters (diameter of Pyra Ring)

Occupants: 4,500 (12,000 capacity)
Starfleet Personnel: 2,000

Transporters: 50 personnel, 120 cargo, 200 emergency
Iconian Transporter: 2 located in Pyra G (Top Secret)

Defensive Systems:
All weapons systems are classified other than what is listed below
45 Type X phaser arrays
25 standard photon torpedo launchers
25 rapid fire photon torpedo launchers
Ablative shielding

Shuttle Capacity:
20 Yellowstone class runabouts
50 shuttlecraft, various types

Starship Deployment:
USS Infinity B, modified Infinity class
USS Mystique C, Defiant class

Sensors: Long Range Sensor Package
• Wide-angle active EM scanner
• Narrow-angle active EM scanner
• 2.0 meter diameter gamma ray telescope
• Variable frequency EM flux sensor
• Lifeform analysis instrument cluster
• Parametric subspace field stress sensor
• Gravimetric distortion scanner
• Passive neutrino imaging scanner
• Thermal imaging array
Short Range (A/P)
Lateral planetary and astrological sensors

The Pyras (Outer Ring):
Starbase Everest is composed of a main control center surrounded by 7 main docking stations called Pyras. Each Pyra is designated with a letter, A through G. Pyra A through F each have three docking spaces and are used for casual intergalactic commerce.

Pyras A through F also each have two smaller shuttlebays where the bulk of Everest's shuttle compliment is docked.

The bulk of Pyra G is classified and requires the highest security clearance for authorized use. The USS Infinity and other new Starships are docked at Pyra G. Access to the Infinity docking bay is available to all Starbase Everest Starfleet personnel.

PYRA G and The Iconian Transporter:
The Iconian Transporter is a highly advanced device capable of transporting personnel almost limitless distances (actual range of the transporter is classified). Unlike other transporter devices, the Iconian Transporter opens a window in space approximately 8'X5'. Developed by the Iconians over 200,000 years ago and recently given to the Federation by the Hemarians, the Federation uses it for humanitarian purposes. No weapons of any kind can pass through the transporter, only scanning and monitoring devices. Under certain circumstances it can be used for covert intelligence operations.

Main Control Center (Center Column of Everest):
The main control center consists of 185 decks and is where Evererst is commanded from, where all personnel live, and most work from. Notes : Emergency escape pods are located on all odd-numbered decks. Items listed here are the primary features of each deck; there are many more features scattered throughout the station.

Deck-by-Deck LayoutEdit

Deck 1 : Main Operations (Main Ops)
Decks 2 - 8 : Department of Operations
Deck 2: Main hall of Department of Operations, DH office, ADH office
Deck 3 - 6: Conference Rooms, varying offices, briefing rooms, research areas, other Operations related control rooms
Decks 7 - 8: Control Center and Station Support Operations
Decks 9 -13 : Station Security Offices; secondary Security support offices located on decks 50, 70, 100 and 150; Armory
Deck 14 : Brig & Detention Facilities; Combat Training Center (CTC); Firing Ranges
Deck 15 - 16: Auxilliary shuttle bay (3 shuttles, emergency and prisoner transfer use)
Deck 17-18 : Main Computer Core and Computer Backup Systems
Deck 19 : Starbase Support Systems
Deck 20 : Primary Enviromental Controls
Deck 21: Waste Management Systems
Decks 22-27 : Starfleet Crew Quarters : Senior Officers
Decks 28-36 : Starfleet Crew Quarters : Junior Officers, General Crew, Support Crew
Decks 37-44 : Medical Facilities
Deck 37 : Counseling/Psychological Offices; Medical storage facilities; Pedestrian access to all 7 Pyras
Deck 43-44 : Medical shuttlebay, includes four Medical-designated shuttles
Deck 45 : Main Sickbay; Pedestrian access to all 7 Pyras
Deck 46-50 : Science Labs and Offices
Deck 47 : Stellar cartography, main access (2 decks deep)
Deck 48 : Astrophysics
Decks 51-55 : Starfleet Crew Quarters : General Crew, Support Crew
Decks 56 : Classroom facilities; Daycare; Gymnasium; Library
Decks 57-59 : Guest Quarters - Visiting Starfleet personnel, Ambassadors & VIPs
Decks 60-62 : Family Quarters
Decks 63-65 : Personal storage areas; Cargo bays
Decks 66-80 : Conference Lounges
Deck 79 : Hydroponic Bays
Deck 80 : Arboretum (holographic sky gives sensation of being outside)
Deck 81 : Holodecks 1-10; Holosuites A-J; Gymnasium
Decks 82-95 : Guest Quarters - General
Decks 91-155 : The Commons (a series of resturants/social gatherings/stores) The center atrium of the Commons soars up 65 decks, right up the middle of the heart of Everest, lit by discreet white lighting. A few walkways crisscross high above, connecting some of the higher decks to one another. Two glassed-in turbolifts service only the Commons, seperated only by a cascading fountain of water. (The waterfall is holographic). Vine-like plants hung from many of the balconies, and here and there, mobiles/artwork are hung at various levels in the atrium.
Deck 92 : Station personnel Galley and Mess Hall
Deck 100 : Finn's Too
Deck 155 : "floor" (bottom) level of The Commons
Decks 156-170: Research and Development

General Access areas (all SF personnel may access these decks):
Deck 156 : Chief of R&D office, suite 27; Asst Chief of R&D office, suite 35; various R&D offices
Deck 157 : R&D Library; Lounge and study areas; Presentation Hall; various R&D offices
Deck 158 : R&D Study areas; conference rooms; Japanese garden (for meditation area); various R&D offices
Deck 159 : Docking access; docking access support; cargo bays
Restricted Access areas (restricted to only ER&D personnel, command staff, and DHs. Other personnel may enter restricted areas ONLY when accompanied by an ER&D officer. Access to personal labs and classified areas requires a retinal scan and voice recognition. These heightened security measures are designed to protect sensitive, delicate or potentially explosive projects that may be)
Deck 160 : Auxilliary shuttlebay secondary access; shuttlebay support systems; ER&D computer network databases (ER&D CND); ER&D CND support systems
Deck 161 : Main access, auxilliary shuttlebay; cargo bays; R&D network backup
Deck 162 : R&D hydroponics labs; experimental species Arboretum; replimat
Deck 163-164 : R&D Medical labs
Deck 165-166 : R&D Science labs
Deck 167-168 : R&D Security/Tactical labs
Deck 169-170 : R&D Operations/Engineering labs
Decks 171-185 : Main Engineering
Decks 171-173 : Six (6) Heavy Fusion Reactors
Deck 173 : CEO's office, ACE's office, main floor of Engineering

External Links Edit

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United Space Federation Webpage

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