Starbase Nimitz is a Star Trek play-by-email sim in the United Confederation Fleet.

Current MissionEdit

Open For Business: The Star base recently opened and the staff is arriving and settling into their new home. Unfortunately, there are some people in the universe that do not agree with the opening of the base or UCF in general.


Command Crew Edit

Commanding Officer Captain Victor Gall Arthius
Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Matthew Thompson Brian
Second Officer Lieutenant Tayla Thorn Roy

Flight Control Edit

Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Sravik NPC

Strategic Operations Edit

Chief Strategic Operations Officer Lieutenant Daniel Kirby Marty

Security Edit

Chief Of Security Lieutenant Tayla Thorn Roy
Security Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Eric Butler NPC

Medical Edit

Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Ny'rak Tor'athu NPC
Nurse Ensign Relyer Rich

Engineering Edit

Chief Engineering Officer Elar Keggle Aza
Structural/Environmental Specialist Abigail "Abi" Wolfe Aza
Computer Systems Specialist Naida Paulsen Aza

Science Edit

Chief Science Officer Joran Dekra NPC
Assistant Chief Science Officer Arbock Nariz Matt

Intelligence Edit

Chief Intelligence Officer Carla Paolini NPC
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer Valai NPC

External linkEdit

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