Alt mode:Voyager ship

BIO: Descended from the autobot hero Star Saber. [Who was nearly destroyed in battle and was fused with the systems of the GIGAN]. A portion of star sabers

spark was removed from his body and implanted into a newly constructed autobot. Retaining starsabers sword and flying skills Starshot is a excellent soldier.

He still lacks experience. Sometimes this can lead to him biting off more than he can handle.


Saber blade: An amazing sword made from a strange metal that is nearly indestructable. It has shards of the original blade embedded into it.

Space flight: can use ramjet thrusters to fly in outer space.

Alt mode:

2 Heavy impact high yield laser cannons: Unguided and masssively powerful. These weapons have been modified so that they are capable of damaging spaceship grade materials. A hit from these can be

catastrophic on anything with less armour.

4 linked high fire rate 105mm cannons: Fixed to fire forwards these weapons carry a limited supply of ammo {160 rounds in total. 40 per gun} but can be quite devastating against most targets.

Lack of any ranged weapons in robot mode.

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