AUTOBOT: Stepper

FUNCTION: Rapid-Fire Attack

TRANSFORMATION: Custom Porsche 935 Turbo "Moby Dick" race car

WEAPON 1: Beam Cannon - Shoulder-mounted - Ammunition: effectively unlimited (can fire every other round/post)

WEAPON 2: Beam Rifle - handheld - Ammunition: effectively unlimited (can fire every other round/post)

WEAPON 3: Flame Cannon (Targtmaster "Nebulon") - Handheld or shoulder-mounted - Ammunition: based on charge (see below)

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Targetmaster partner, Black Body armor plating (see below) WEAKNESSES: Symbiotic dependance upon partner (see below)

"It isn't concentration that improves your aim, it's guts." "Either help me destroy my enemies or stand out of my way." "If I don't catch you, my shots will!"

Stepper is quick-tempered and very easily provoked, making it hard for his fellow Autobots to maintain friendships or even conversations with him. This burning spirit of his is best put to use in service of his obsession with justice. It's been joked that Stepper has "twice the sense of justice as the average Autobot," but don't let him hear you say that.

Stepper is the most accurate marksman the Autobots have; he can hit a tin can from 10 kilometers. Back on Cybertron, he often had marksmanship contests with his friends Fusion and Bluestreak. However, Stepper was critically injured in the battle which killed Fusion, his metabolic functions rendered unreliable. Luckily, he met an engineer from the planet Master named Nebulon (more on that later) who volunteered to perform a kind of symbiotic binary-bonding operation. Nebulon became an as-needed life-support system for Stepper — and also his Targetmaster partner, further augmenting the Autobot's already incredible skill.

Stepper's Targetmaster partner is an engineer from the planet Master. That is to say he's a human-sized Cybertronian, not a humanoid from the planet Nebulos; the fact that his name is "Nebulon" may or may not be coincidence. In any event, Nebulon transforms into a rapid-fire Blaze Cannon. He is also a pseudo-Powermaster, in that he serves as a part-time life-support device for Stepper. Stepper needs to be combined with Nebulon ¼ of the time when in Vehicle Mode, and ½ the time when in Robot Mode. In robot mode Nebulon can be hand-held or can attach to Stepper's shoulder. The attachment mode requires the over-the-shoulder Beam Cannon to be stowed. In vehicle mode Nebulon can attach to Stepper's rear spoiler to serve as a gun turret, or can ride inside his larger partner to appear as a human driver, thanks to a holographic disguise. This disguise also allows Nebulon to pass for a human, but only one. The holo-disguise is not changeable without copious reprogramming. Nebulon goes under the name "Ben Luno" when disguised.

Stepper's dark armor parts function as a "black body," converting light and heat into energy for Nebulon's Flame Cannon mode. Stepper therefore takes only half damage from light, fire, and plasma-based weapons, but is more vulnerable to physical attacks (including bullets, rockets, missiles, punches, swords, etc.) and other types of energy attacks (such as particle beams, electrical blasts, etc.). Simple daylight provides Nebulon enough energy for a few Blaze Cannon blasts, but absorbed fire and light/heat attacks can power furious bursts of as much as thirty 5000+deg.C shots per second. Nebulon won't fire when Stepper approaches high speed, however (his maximum is 700kph/450mph); at such velocities the Flame Cannon can backdraft, severely damaging Nebulon and/or Stepper.

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