Name: Steven Reed (Codename: Rapidfire) Primary function: Targetmaster Alt mode: Laser Pistol Faction: Autobot

Weapons: Laser Handgun

Profile: Steven Reed is the Targetmaster partner to the Autobot Airstrike. Steven was part of a human defense squardron that ineffectually attacked the Decepticon POW Camp where Airstrike was being held. Steven was one of the only humans to survive. He escaped death by helping Airstrike modify a stolen pistol into a Targetmaster suit, in which Steven hid. Soon after Steven became Airstrike's Targetmaster, The captured Autobots laughed a prison assault, with Airstrike and Steven at the frontlines. Airstrike was separated from Steven when Airstrike was severly wounded and told Steven to escape. Steven has since wandered Cybertron until the day Airstrike notified him of his survival.

Abilities: Being a Targetmaster, Steven, also known was Rapidfire, increases Airstrike's firepower and has great agility and speed. Weakness: Being a human in a small robot bodysuit, Steven isn't very physically strong, and nor can he endure much damage.

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