Storm hawk

Function: Iron warrior commander

Vehicle mode:Futuristic Bulldozer/Tank

Robot mode:Futuristic Robotic Warrior

BIO: Storm Hawk is the leader of the legendary autobot combat group known as the Iron warriors. Storm Hawk prefers to lead from the front carrying out his complex and precision dependant plans. His style of leadership inspires his troops to perform great feats far beyond what they would normally be capable of. Whilst he is an excellent strategic planner Storm Hawk is an accomplished warrior and can fight toe to toe with just about any foe. The method of his construction are a mystery but his frontal armor is very strong. When not in battle Storm Hawk will meditate for megacycles at a time if needs be this can make him seem ignorant or patient to other mechs. His transformation is highly complex as his vehcile mode armour folds in and overlaps to form his robot mode which as near zero alternate mode kibble. This gives him emmense resilence to damage but robs him of speed. The tech used in his construction is borderline at best. He has brought his crew and his craft to investigate a flux in the space time continum.


Siege cannon - Alt mode: fires a heavy shell that is capable of breeching fortifications and destroying a building with one shot.

Thunder hammer - Robot mode: this mighty close combat weapon can fracture cybertronian metals with a single blow. It is capable of knocking smaller decepticons into stasis lock with a single blow. {the closest match is the hammer used by Ultra magnus in TF animated} It can also be configured to release a blast of energy upon impact although this method requires the weapon to be charged beforehand but it doubles the power of its strike

Phosperous grenades - Robot mode: Storm hawks single ranged weapon. When throw they detonate on impact sending out a chemical that sticks to metal and then begins to eat through it. He will commonly throw a few as he charges at his intended target.

Dozerblade - alt mode: Used to annihilate/push through rubble.

Note: He is unable to use the siege cannon in robot mode.

Multi layered armour:- Capable of taking tremandous punishment before any serious damage

History: When the autobot high council ordered the recall of all weapons from there forces following the defeat of the decepticon tyrant Starscream. Storm hawk and his fellow Iron warrior autobots spat on the high councils command. Following a fierce battle in which three of the iron warriors fell in return for an undisclosed number of security personelle and drones. They stole the last autobot battleship - Codename GIGAN - and left cybertron. Since then they have recruited more warrior autobots into there ranks and they patrol space and with there battleships abilites time as well.

Weaknesses: Storm hawk is formidible in close combat but in robot mode he lacks long range firepower. In vehicle mode his shell because of its sheer wieght can only be fired 200m at maximum elevation. he also has weak armour on his back and rear while in vehicle mode.

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