Name: Stormcrow

Alligence: Autobots

Primary Function: Heavy Assualt Warrior

Alt Mode: Oversized Komogdo dragon. (his bot is about as tall as X)

Weapons: Double handed axe,


One of the renegrade decepticons that followed Warhawk to earth, Stormcrow serves as the groups Close range expert. Outside of battle, Stormcrow functions as Warhawks second in command, which usually involves keeping riftblade from blowing too many things up, and making sure that eastwind actually comes in and recharges once In a while.

In battle however, Stormcrow is complety different. Due to a problem when he was sparked, at even the slighest sound of battle he loses all thought and becomes nothing more then a killing machine, fueled by anger and instinct. While this is often a problem, like when he charges after enemies thus blowing his teams cover in the middle of a stealth op, he refuses to let people into his spark or his head to correct it, saying he would suffer battle fury then be a blank.

Weaknesses: Stormcrow doesn't carry any ranged weapons. While he claims that this is because he loves the thrill of hand to hand combat, the real reason is because he kept breaking them over peoples heads when beserk, so the others don't give them to him.

Also when hes beserk, he has no clue about any plans an strategys, and will ruin any attempts at being stealthy.

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