Name: Storms End

Function: Last Line of Defense

Alt Mode: Hyperspace Cruiser

Weapons: Ion Plasma Cannon Turrets-Must be manned by a mech or robotrix, located on different areas of the body 25x EMP Bombs 100x Heat Seeker Missiles

Profile: Built in secret by MegatronX and Svaat during the time of peace between the Autobots and Decepticons as a last line of defense for when the war would be renewed. The giant cruiser was given an artificially created spark and the ability to transform giving them a new edge in battle for when things start going the wrong way. The giant is quiet and rarely speaks but when he does all that can hear him better listen because it will either mean life or death for them. His armor is built of a new material that has been able to stand up against all conventional weapons and even against the Atomic Fusion power of MegatronX’s own cannon. After his completion MegatronX programmed him to be loyal to him and him alone unless special authorization is granted to someone else.

Abilities: Capable of hyperspace jumps and interstellar flight. He is large enough to house most of the Decepticon fleet and all their weapons with the built in subspace vaults that are contained within him.

Weaknesses: His main weakness is his optics because they like all other mechs are made of a special glass that can shatter. All of his other weak spots are internal and any attacker would have to be inside of him in order to do any real harm to him.

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