Name: Strika

Primary function: Autobot/Vehicon General

Alt mode: Vehicon 6-wheeled assault tank

Weapons: Reciprocating laser cannon x2 (500 rounds per clip for each cannon, carries 10 in personal storage dimension)

Profile: Strika and Obsidian have fought countless battles in their service to Cybertron, with only one real loss. The council hasn’t yet forgiven their actions from a long time ago. When the Quintessons attacked, she aided Obsidian in defending the passage to the control center. Having since encountered an Autobot team, and to her surprise, a small, timeline-displaced technorganic female, intent on retaking Cybertron from the Quintessons, she has decided to help them out.

Abilities: Strika’s cannons can shred nearly anything caught in their field of fire, and can wreak havoc with a sustained blast. Her armor is especially effective in close combat. She is also an expert at fighting in rough terrain, often luring enemies to engage her there. She can also command Heavy Artillery drones when needed/available. She is also capable of short, high speed bursts.

Weaknesses: Strika’s bulky frame and armor can slow her down a bit, and hinder agility.

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