Name: Strong Arm

Primary Fuction: Former Decepticon warrio, guard in Cybertron City

Alt mode: Armoured truck

Weapon: Any and al weapons have been left on earth


Strongarm was a decepticon warrior during the great war who became famous for his tendancy to pound the enemy into the ground rther then shoot them. After the war he was assigned as a guard to Cybertron City. His easy going manner drew Backstop to him and the two became good friends. When Daggerjaw was reactivated, Strongarm was assigned as the med labs guard. Through Backstop, he became a good friend to the cat. When Daggerjaw went wild and attacked a medic, Strongarm was the first to arrive on the scene, but Daggerjaw swattd him aside with such force he was knocked into instant stasis lock. When he awoke the first thing he saw was Daggerjaw, shamed and apologetic. Strongarm stayed by his friend and was an advocate for him during the trial. After Backstop and Daggerjaw left for Cybertron, things were quiet. However it didn't last as Armadilo's call to the decepticons was heard. Unsure of hat to do Strongarm watched as the autobots and decepticons tured on each other. His concern however was for his friends. He stole a damaged autobot shuttle and set course for Cybertron. On route as we speak, he hopes to find his friends well, and will have to deal with where his loyalties lie soon enough

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