Stuart Collis, a Michigan and New York licensed attorney, has been involved in role playing since 1982 when D&D the basic edition was still en vogue. In 2002, while randomly browsing the web, he accidentally located the SLA and joined. His first character was Amanda Rose, a human counselor on Avenger (who later developed a serious crush on the Captain, which remained unrequited). He then created another female character, Kelly Jean O'Connor, who started out as a lowly Ensign on the USS America. She quickly became a favorite on the sim, with her passion, temper, and shortness of stature at 5 feet tall, even. Later, of course, she became Captain of the America.

Until late 2003 or early, 2004, nobody was aware that Stuart's characters were played by a male. Eventually, in the SLA, he joined the USS Zealous, playing a female Andorian named, Zuub. He was then invited into USS Abrams and played a half-human/half-Klingon female named Ba'zra Jennings, who definitely did not appreciate being partially human. From there, it was a female engineer named Brenna Lynette Moya on FOR1; Tavlia K'van (Heizz) in Star Wars, Dragons, who was known for her manipulative skills and interests in power despite being a Twi'lek slavegirl; and Dregahr, a male Minbari ranger with the personality of Eeyore on Trinidad, a Babylon 5 sim. Of course, Dregahr was a shock to everyone in the SLA as it was the only known male character that Stuart ever played in the SLA.

In 2005, Stuart was instituted as the Manheim Fleet Captain. This was the last vote that Seth Cotis cast. In the Memorial Chat, Stuart gave a eulogy wondering about this dubious honor. During his tenure as Manheim Fleet Captain, he was widely regarded by the SLA and its Council as the best Fleet Captain in the organization.

After Seth passed, Stuart became thoroughly uncomfortable with the SLA politics. During this time, he created the USS Horizon, which started and remained an independent sim. By March, 2006, after a vote by the USS America crew, Stuart decided to withdraw the sim from the SLA. In the SLA, he participated on USS America, USS Horizon, USS Avenger (which also pulled out of the SLA shortly after America), Dragons and Trinidad (to a much lesser extent).

Stuart also has been active in other genres.  In 2005, he joined High School Heroes, a yahoo group sim which concluded in 2013.  He also co-created Carolina Champions and in 2010 created Michigan Marvels.  

The USS America fizzled out in 2009 and Horizon in 2008.  Stuart, in Febuary, 2014 returned to the SLA to run a new sim called the USS Legacy, which is based in the alternate reality Abramsverse.  He plays Captain Cynthia Lynette Jackson, who is Captaining a vessel that was made of the spare parts of the ships destroyed by Nero at Vulcan.  The ship launched on July 4, 2261. 

In May, 2014, Stuart Collis was elected as the Recruiting Chair of the SLA.  However, once again, differences of opinion arose between him and the Council, including its unwillingness to re-boot the USS Horizon in the SLA when the SLA boards were relatively unused except for Legacy and Torchwood Ten.  The differences became insurmountable for Stuart and he created RPGwriting (  Legacy voted to remove itself from the SLA and its boards were moved to RPGwriting.  Horizon was rebooted in RPGwriting as well.  Shortly thereafter, Torchwood Ten left the SLA, leaving the SLA a fleet of solely live action roleplaying/simming. 

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