Name: Stunshock

Function: Executioner

Alt mode: Dragon

Weapons: Unbreakable sword with ornate handle.

Head and shoulders taller than the average Transformer, Stunshock appears like the Grim Reaper. His white skull face is a stark contrast to his pure black armour. He transforms into a dragon, although there is no parts of his alt mode present on his robot mode.

Profile: Stunshock was created to be the leader of an elite guard, who oversaw the guarding of the Quintesson leaders during their control of Cybertron, but like the rest of his species, he was unhappy with how they were treated. Working with the many rebel factions,Stunshock assisted in getting the frequency for the Dark Guardians to A3, a frequency that was used in the Coda Remote and shut down the defense grid during the uprising. He would later go on to be the head of security for the Autobot Council.

At first, he served the council well, even going into hiding with them when they lost the First Great War. Over time, he began to grow disenfranchised with them, seeing a corruption that he loathed in the Decepticons. But he dismissed these as his honour demanded he continue his job. It was only when Corrode approached him, giving voice to the doubts, that Stunshock truly began to doubt his leaders. After they were sent to kill Shockwave, Stunshock held off the execution and instead talked to the scientist who explained that the Decepticons were fighting against the corruption of the council. Stunshock devised a way to get the truth, and held his leader at swordpoint. Not believing the council's excuse, he and his team killed them, before defecting to the Decepticons. Stunshock remained a competant combatant, leading his men on numerous victories.

One of the most noteable points during this campaign was his deployment to the province of Montauk. They had been tasked to proviede Special Ops support to Lord Cyberax, the co-leader of Montauk. Stunshock and his team were at the 'South Gate Of Enlightenment' when it fell to an Autobot battle group and witnessed firsthand when Cyberax appeared in the skies, using his mental powers to turn the tide. Stunshock was amazed at the prowess of the leader, though they were unable to stop the destruction of the province.

Through Pounder's scientific contacts, Stunshock had become close friends with a scientist known as Starburst. When a chemical explosion ignited in the centre of the city of Praxia, Stunshock headed there as quickly as he could. By the time he arrived, most of the mechs had already melted, their frames dissolving around their sparks. All Stunshock could do was comfort Grinder, whom had been amongst the first on the scene and was unnaturally quiet, a haunted expression in his optics. It emerged later that Starburst had been performing illegal biological experiments in the city, and when he lost containment, he fled the planet instead of attempting to correct the fault or warn the authorities. This betrayal cut deep in Stunshock, and he took it upon himself to track the rogue scientist down. Tracking him to Earth, Stunshock found Starburst in a village of protohumans who worshipped him. Angry at the cowardace displayed, Stunshock executed him and all of the humans bar one, who was hiding in the undergrowth. Stunshock returned to Cybertron and the lone survivor found himself with another group of protohumans, where he told the story of the 'skeletal harbinger of death', a tale that was passed down through the generations and was twisted into the tale of the Grim Reaper.

In 2004, Stunshock was called to Earth along with the rest of his team as part of a major reinforcement group. Galvatron came from the future, claiming to know the location of the Decepticon Matrix. Despite his warnings, the guadian lizard was activated. Seeing Pounder get vapourised by the large beast, Stunshock's rage took over and he ordered his team to unite. But they were unsucccessful and the team was destroyed.

Or so everyone thought. Stunshock survived, but was unable to move or speak due to the extensive damage. Due to his distrust of modern technology, he was not equipped with Stasis Lock, and could only lie amongst the wreckage of his brothers, replaying how he had failed them over and over in his mind. This incident also began his hatred of time travellers.

In 2010, he was found by Sixshot who nursed him back to health. He told Stunshock how the Decepticons had been wiped out following their ship crashing into an asteroid following a blast of Plasma Energy (Rebirth ptIII). Sixshot was attempting to locate Decepticon remnants and unite them. Finding a small group that included Outburn, Stunshock found himself unable to cope with all that had happened since he was 'destroyed' and his anger got the better of him, culminating on an attack on Sixshot. Defeated, Stunshock left the Decepticons, feeling unworthy.

He was contacted by a transdimensional being called Ureti Nauri, who attempted to enlist Stunshock's assistance in searching for the Toques Crystal. Refusing the offer, Stunshock found himself allied with the bounty hunter Devcon who had heard of the crystal, and how it was suppossed to be able to do whatever the holder desired. Believing he could get his team back, Stunshock joined Devcon in the search, only for them to be ambushed by Sixshot's team. Devcon was killed and Stunshock rejoined the Decepticons. During the search, Stunshock came into contact with Corrode, who was revealled to have been found alive by Ureti and fully repaired. Having found their old ship, 'The Armaggeadon', Corrode was attempting to find the crystal. It became clear Corrode blamed Stunshock for the death of the others and attempted to extract revenge. Stunshock agreed with Corrode, but before the fight could escalate, Stunshock became jettisoned into space.

The search lead them to a cloaked star system, upon which Corrode returned with an army of Ureti followers. While they clashed with the crystal guardians, Stunshock and Sixshot found the crystal underground. Although they were ambushed by Corrode, Sixshot managed to escape with the prize and Stunshock and Corrode finished their dual. Corrode was eventually conviced that Stunshock was not to blame, that in fact, no one could have done anything different, and the two joined up to defeat Ureti as he came through a dimensional portal. Corrode destroyed the crystal, trapping Ureti in this dimension, but suffered extremly heavy damage as a result. Giving in to his rage at seeing events play out the same as before, Stunshock was able to decapitate the much larger Ureti.

Following the defeat of Ureti, Stunshock took the Stasis Locked body of Corrode and kept him on emergency life support. Although Corrode had claimed to have forgiven Stunshock for the death of the team, Stunshock couldn't shake the feeling of guilt Corrode's words had brought out. Unable to cope, his mind fractured, different aspects of his personality took on the appearance of his fallen brothers, Grinder, Pounder and Ripper each representing a different aspect: Anger, logic and blame respectively.

After a series of incidents which resulted in harm to the others in his commando team, Stunshock didnt want to put others in danger through his negligence. Placing Corrode in a shuttle, he took off and searched the depths of space with only his phantasms for company. It was during this time the peace treaty (see Engame) was signed and the subsequent nuke attack on Cybertron restarted the war, however, Stunshock would not learn of this for years to come.Stunshock searched through the universe, claiming to be looking for new recruits to reform The Executioners, secretly glad when none would taker him up on the offer, or were not deemed worthy of joining.

Hearing that Megatron was alive and had relocated to Earth, Stunshock made his way there, finding his former leader at the Armour Fortress. Pledging his alliegance to Megatron, Stunshock took part in a series of conflicts while searching for a way to get Corrode operational and scouting the Decepticons present for new team members. Originally keeping his mission a secret, he eventually decided none were worthy of joining after a brief encounter with Supersonic and Nighstalker. Shortly after, sabotage caused major damage to the hanger bay where the shuttle had landed. Despite the risk to himself, and being goaded by his phantasms, Stunshock pulled Corrode from the debris and made his way to a CR chamber, where he admitted what he was attempting. However, there was no medic stationed there, forcing Corrode to remain in Stasis Lock indefinately.

Stunshock's depression worsened, with all 3 of his phantisms starting to drive him further to the brink. It was at this point he discovered Foresaken had the ability to ressurect dead mechs. Stunshock made it his goal to do whatever it took to get his men back, finally having a way to redeem his past mistakes. This became his driving goal, to the exclusion of all others. Eventually, they were brought back, but to Stunshock's dismay, Ripper decided to remain in the Allspark. With a heavy heart, Stunshock executed his brother.

With Grinder's medical expertese and Pounder's scientific mind, Stunshock was able to devise a way for Corrode to be brought back. They built a completely robotic Targetmaster suit, but were unable to complete it fully due to a lack of a critical component. An Autobot assault on the base caused Corrode's Spark to deterioate. With no medic present, Stunshock took Corrode's Spark into his own. This caused his personality to glitch slightly.

During a battle, Stunshock learnt from Warhawk what Megatron had done. Realising he had pledged his alliegance to someone who epitomised the corruption that had caused him to join the Decepticons in the first place, Stunshock began secretly plotting with Warhawk to overthrow both factions.

A trip to Cybertron was needed to complete the Targetmaster body. During a meeting with Warhawk, they were ambushed by Cyberax, who took the Targetmaster body and Corrode's spark, leaving Stunshock on the brink of death. With no option, Warhawk took Stunshock with him back to the Autobots where they healed his injuries.

A short time later, Stunshock escaped after provoking Zakk into a fight. Able to use the fact his sword had remained hidden during his incarceration thanks to him remaining in dragon mode the entire time, Stunshock took Zakk prisoner and was able to escape.

Upon his return, he discovered Sharpspike had gone MIA. With no one else in a position to lead, Stunshock took the mantle of Decepticon leadership.

A gap in the Space/Time continuum caused Stunshock to slip into an alternate reality, the original Command and Conquer. Humans were the same size as himself, and without any way to return, Stunshock befriended a resistance fighter named Trini. They spent the next 3 years engaged in covert operations against the Brotherhood of NOD, during which time, they found their personalities and motivations for fighting so similar, romance blossomed between the two. Although he found it ironic he had finally found someone he cared for for the first time since he came online, it was a human whom he found disgusting as a species. Trini helped him overcome those feelings and the two had a full relationship. During a mission, Trini took a shot that would have killed Stunshock. The two fell through a dimensional portal that had locked onto the Space Bridge of the Moon Base and despite Slowbrowse's best efforts, Trini died in her lover's arms. This loss has deeply affected Stunshock, finding himself back in the warzone after 3 years from his perspective, and only a few hours for everyone else. Trini's death has brought back the guilt and anger in him, and he believes the only way he can be reunited with his love is to die an honourable death in battle, as she did. This death wish has overriden his previous goals, to the point where his leadership of the Decepticons is not important to him.

Shortly after arriving back from Al'Tyr, mechs near Cybertron sent a commando team to remove Stunshock from power, Taken by surprise, Stunshock engaged in battle with Death Atlas.

Abilities: Alt mode can fly indefinitely. In alt mode, he can also fire balls of fire from his mouth, or a stream of fire, although using the stream will drain him. Robot mode cannot fly. Stunshock has a deep affection for his sword, unwilling to leave it behind if he can. He is skilled in hand to hand combat, but his gun skills are only average.

Weaknesses: To use his sword in alt mode, he must remove them in robot mode before transforming. Otherwise, his only weapons are the fire breath and his own claws.

Stunshock is also prone to periods of extreme depression or rage when reminded about the events surrounding his team’s death. If he is in rage, it is possible to talk him out of it and into depression, but it can be difficult.

Special Ability: The Executioners used a neural interface to control their ship. A side effect of this and the resurrection has resulted in a psychic connection between the team members. They can share thoughts and imagery. But if one is taken by surprise, this pain can be unwillingly passed to the others, albeit temporarily.

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