Name: Sunstar.

Primary Function: Roughnecks Team Member; Doctor and Medic.

Gender: Female.

Alt mode 1: Primary mode consist of a white and green Lamborghini Gallardo. Although a Six Changer, she has shut down use of and access to her other modes, which consist of interstellar/planetary jet, space gun, winged lion and submersible vehicle.

Alt Mode 2: See above.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Weapons/Accessories: She has Two Solar Cannons mounted to her body, and they are also useable in either robot or vehicle. Each cannon has a round of 50 concussive shots. Each cannon can be used individually or as dual guns and are both detachable from their shoulder mounted units while in her robot mode. She also carries two laser energon swords, kept in compartments within her body shell while in robot mode, strength of cutting ability of these laser swords can be adjusted to a practice level that does nothing but bruise, up to a level that can cut through almost anything. She also carries a medical supply pack for mechanoids on her person.

Profile: She was originally built with a very powerful and very experimental fusion powered core. Unlike others who were built with this core, her spark was deemed stable enough in personality to be transferred into the body shell, but the scientists did not predict that the spark core would split, resulting into two minds and bodies, namely Sunstar herself and her twin, Midnight, who later defected and joined the Decepticon Forces. Her body shell itself was made from the combined data stream from both her parents, SOund Track and Heatwave and a computer constructed her body to match. During the experimental stage of her construction, she was originally made to match the weapons and fighting strength of a Decepticon warrior named Six Shot, but her personality is contradictory to her nature and profession. She is in fact very gentle and humane and often pacifistic, very much an Autobot, and completely opposite to her twin sister, Midnight. She abhorred what she had been made into and her maternal unit managed to convince the experimentalists not to shut her down and let her have a choice, and instead her other alt modes were turned off. However due to her previously uploaded information not yet being purged from her system, she is still a force to be reckoned with when push comes to shove. Sunstar is quite noble and gentle and generally follows rules and order to the letter, she is not a mech to willingly break rules, but she is a mech who will go to any length to save a life, even if it means sacrificing her own, as she always puts everyone else other than herself first. Even though she can be as emotionally cool as her mother, she can quite often show lots of emotion and compassion. History: She is the daughter mechanoid unit of two Transformers named Sound Track and Heatwave. Heatwave was an Autobot and is currently deceased. Sound Track was a Decepticon at the time and is currently an Autobot Prime and leader of the 'Roughnecks' team. Although her existence was the result of a spark bonding between Deltronian Transformer factions, her spark was put into an engineered body shell, which later split into two forms, creating herself and her twin. While she was brought online with pre existent information on several forms of fighting, weapons and military strategies inherent from both parental units, she chose the medical profession, and is knowledgeable in biological and mechanical fields. She is a Medic by profession and hers skills match that of Ratchet and Hoist, as well as other renowned Doctors. She currently serves as the Doctor for the 'Roughnecks' team on their battle cruiser.

Abilities: Being that her abilities are Fusion related, she has the capacity to outlast, both in functioning and also combat, most other mechanoids, due to the constant replicative nature of her power core. The structure of her outer armour is highly reinforced to cope with the extreme heat pressure and instability of her core and as a result also makes her armour very durable and tough to damage. She also seems to be immune to radiation, as the fusion regulators in her system, when they detect it outside her system, just treat it as a leak from her core. It draws in that radiation and diffuses it. Her system also possesses a giegometer, being able to detect forms of radiation, she has been used in the past, to go into irradiated war zones to soak up the radiation and attend to wounded soldiers. While in vehicle mode her abilities allow her to reach a maximum speed of 400 miles an hour, but she can only sustain this for 5 minutes before she has to power her speed down, and can only maintain it on a straight stretch of road. Even though she has superb driving skills, even she doesn’t dare drive around a hairpin curve at 400 mph. In vehicle mode her cannons eject from the underside of her car roof. In any of her two modes, she has sophisticated scanning programs, with a range of 5 miles, that can detect just about anything, but the further away it is from her and the more detailed the scan she needs the less capable she is of getting a good result. Special Abilities: Other than the fact she is a Six Changer, has inherent military information in her system and has a fusion powered energy core, she does not seem to have any special abilities outside of those.

Weaknesses: She is very shy to most other mechanoids on a personal/emotional level, a reason why she chose the medical profession as it would allow her to avoid most forms of idle chatter and personal involvement with others. Her often noble bearing and honourable nature can hold her back in certain combat situations, and get her into trouble, i.e. she won’t shoot someone in the back or when they are down, and her compassion can force her not to take risks when someone’s life is at stake. This has led to many beatings from her sister while in combat as she refuses to fight back and hurt a family member. She also has an extreme problem with closed in spaces, her claustrophobia caused during an incident where she was betrayed by and left buried under rubble to die by her twin sister when she defected to the Decepticons side.

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