Members: Heatstroke, Magness, Eclipse Primary function: Recon/Weapon for Ryu Kadavra

Weapons: Each mini-con has a single solar radiation blast.

Profile and stats reflect entire Supernova mini-con team not just one individual Profile: After their mutation from the exploding star the Supernova Mini-con team is rarely seen apart. Capable of interstellar flight as well as the ability to combine to form Ryu's Nova Saber. Heatstroke, Magness, and Eclipse are peaceful explorers by nature and rarely pick a fight unless it is absolutely necessary. However when they are called upon by Ryu things change. They will fight to the extinguishing of their sparks with ruthless abandon using every available tactic to get the upper hand. Being that they are each only the size of a medium sized human that is harder then it looks. These three always come out on top with the aid of Ryu.

Abilities: The Supernova mini-con team only has one real ability of mention and that is that together they fight on level with any standard sized Cybertronian. Also when they join forces with Ryu and combine into his Nova saber most Decepticons regret their mistake of tangling with this sword master of Cybertron.

Weaknesses: If separated from each other Heatstroke, Magness, and Eclipse become very weak and are unable to defend themselves. With their strongest assets being the ability to form the Nova saber being separated is their biggest and perhaps only true weakness.

Special ability: (Supernova Saber) Heatstroke, Magness, and Eclipse can combine to become the powerful Supernova Saber. Wile in saber form the three mini-cons become indestructible. Their blade harnesses the raw power of a dying star just as it goes Supernova. This blade can not be broken and the heat radiating from it is hot enough to slice clean through any object dumb enough to be in the way. This form can only be held for 3 posts at a time and takes a told on the mini-cons.

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