Superpower was a geo-political web-based simulator (aka a nation-simulation or planet-simulation game or a nationsim or a planetsim) in which players took on the roles of leaders of nations or organizations.


SuperPower ClassicEdit

Superpower: Classic was a forum-based nationsim. The game was run on a modified version of the Invisionpowerboard software that allowed for modifications to make gameplayer easier and more fluid. Superpower Classic was part of a nationsim community that also hosts Star Wars and Star Trek games.

Superpower: Classic was started in 2001 by a breakaway player from Qpawn 2000. Using the rules and layout of Diplomacy and Conquest (with permission from the previous operators of that simulator), he created a new game called Superpower Classic . At first, the sim was small and concentrated to a playerbase recruited from a British online gaming clan which the creator (and admin) was a member of, however the sim quickly started growing in popularity to encompass players from all over the world. Superpower Classic evolved to adapt a new set of rules different from those first rules from Diplomacy and Conquest, and the game in turn became the basis for other nationsim off-shots.

The game is known to have gone through 12 rounds of gameplay and survived both hacking attempts and server crashes. Superpower Classic always had the same timeline, starting in the present day.

Superpower: Cold WarEdit

Superpower: Cold War was a cold-war simulator based upon the Superpower: Classic engine. Superpower: Cold War is similar to Superpower: Classic but instead of simulating present day politics, it simulated the geo-political climate of the Cold War with people being able to play the Soviet Union or West Germany.

Superpower: Cold War is known to have gone through 3 rounds of gameplay.

Superpower: Star TrekEdit

Superpower: Star Trek was not a nationsim but a planetsim, where players roleplayed as the leaders of planets in the Star Trek universe instead of real nations. Superpower: Star Trek ran on the same kind of forum as the other Superpower games though with additional modification for starships and the like.

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