Svaat - ArmourCommando Leader

"Supremacist - With Extreme Prejudice"

Name: Svaat Primary function: Tactical War Supremo Rank: Lieutenant General of The ArmourCommando Supremacy Alt mode: USMC LAV-25 Weapons: 1x 105mm MGS Cannon 1x MK46 Mod.0 - 200 Teflon Round Energy Ammo Box, with 9 in subspace 2xDouble-Edged SAW-Blades

Profile: Constructed as a first engagement extermination battle unit by Shadow during the Great War of Cybertron, Svaat obtained various other qualities the, at the time, young wolf-femme secretly installed like learning AI and field commander traits. Taking these foreign elements in, Svaat became both a personalised murderer for The High Council and a Combat Trainee to Shadow. Learning advanced Black-Ops skills, Svaat soon found himself as the most used puppet for Autobot death traps against The Decepticons. Secretly admiring the Decepticons for their outgoing methods and militaristic society, Svaat planned to one day create his own faction based upon what he fought against. During his younger years he often and openly admitted to Shadow his numerous thoughts and built his power structure around her example.

Over the years, The Hummer decided to call it quits with The Autobots and begin his long desired plan. Before the great war of Cybertron, The Autobots discovered his intentions and subtly black mailed him with the immediate execution of Shadow. Svaat kept his distaste against Optimus Prime, responsible for the death of co-partner Decepticon Ailectrix, rather secretly always waiting for the right time to strike...until now

After the secret pact made with MegatronX, Svaat secretly resides to take the 10 year abandoned war to a new level - his level. Influencing certain key Cybertronians to allow him the position of Lieutenant General over the military and working hand in hand with the new politicians, especially long time comrade and creator Shadow for added concealment. For Svaat, old enemies never phase out - especially Autobots. At the time of construction, Shadow entwined his Combat Protocol with Spark to enhance overall combat ability and awareness.

Svaat is a Supremacist. He does not believe in dying for what he fights for because then he would not be able to accomplish the mission. He doesn't just see the mission and know once victory is at hand, that's it. He is also weary of the aftermath and choosing to not hold an ounce of patriotism within his programming, Svaat has the mindset to go the distance to see it out all the way - and make sure he comes out on top. Svaat isn't a fan of self sacrifice at all and will do anything to keep himself and those he cares for alive, even if it means going out to 'sacrifice' the many for the few.

During the renewed war, Svaat revealed to Shadow that he's neither Autobot or Decepticon, but an Armourcon Wolf. And his acts are all in place to keep her protected, little does she know that he has taken this path so that 'others' cannot kill her. Unfortunately for him, he went to far and has made Shadow believe he has properly betrayed her.

Though he has never said so out loud, Svaat aspires to have Shadow join him and again the two can fight alongside each other like when they were young 'Trainee' and 'Commander'

Abilities: Svaat was built for amassed endurable combat, his large ammo supply greatly takes space within his subspace compartments allowing no other weapons to be held. Armour is especially modified to highly resist laser round ammunition. With the Combat Protocol, Svaat can design new weapons, troops/structures and tactics in little to no time at all. The Combat Protocol is used frequently to control his body's energon levels and other vitals to help reduce battle fatigue and stress. Also regulates several levels of projectile resistances, giving him an edge in battle to not be so disadvantaged when taking volleys of fire.

Everyone and everything connected to his Combat Protocol can be controlled by his own will with no resistance. This is constructed around a Master Key system where someone cannot reverse the programming of something (Transformer or otherwise) to control him. Conspires to eventually unleash his ultimate weapon - A Supreme Guardian Gestalt powered via the Combat Protocol and take over Earth to begin his legacy - Aspires to take control of the continent Australia as his main base of operations, rebuild the cities into fortified residences and rename the country Armourstralia whilst keeping the human populace alive and well funded.

Weapon: The C-SAW Svaat has being fitted with a heavily modified Cybertronian-SAW M249. A lot of customization went into the fixed stock for its full automatic trigger setting. The stock has being fitted with two internal suspension springs allowing the weapon to draw back more into the arm rather than straight upwards due to the heavy recoil. The 3 firing trigger group (single/burst/auto) is set direct for linked messages from the CPU to change the rate of fire rather than wasting precious micro-seconds flicking a switch. The ammo box that holds the 200 round Teflon rounds is designed to feed up into the gun from the box magazine rather than belt around the top and into the weapon. This prevents possible bullet and feed damage if weapon is shot or cut. Each bullet has being crafted by Black-Op ammunition specialists to allow the round to penetrate, cause maximum damage to vitals and create exit wounds to all lightly armoured units and most moderately armoured units. It can still cause entry wounds to heavier armoured units like Optimus Prime and Megatron, but without the possibility of the bullet digging in deep or causing exit wounds. Gauss Plating is layered at various points along the sides of the C-SAW, with double valves running through the weapon to allow both exhaling and inhaling of hot and cold atmospheric particals, this gives the gun the chance to cool down during full automatic firing and reduces the need for replacement and maintenance of parts.

The firing at full automatic setting is both an advantage and disadvantage. Whilst able to keep enemies pinned down and able to cover a lot of ground, the accuracy of the weapon will deteriorate. The bullets are mostly designed to target not just an enemy but their vital points. Shooting at a leg or shoulder will incapacitate an enemy, but for maximum possibility of death with the use of minimum rounds, users are required to target specific points of the armoured chest, stomach and head. The C-SAW is at best effective in medium range combat and for laying cover fire in confined spaces, but due to the weight, close combat is a downside due to loss of manoeuvrability.

For Svaat, the gun has three capable combat positions - Hand held, arm mounted and in vehicle mode, perched on top of his roof for DeadSight and other Transformers to use. Whilst not in use, the M249 is usually magnetized to Svaat's right leg tactically placed for 'quick-draw' opening combat.

Special Ability: Splinter Ice has been secretly working on a new vocaliser mod for Svaat. Verbal Hypnosis is something that she has studied for years and now has completed her first model. Once the frequency has been triggered this gives Svaat the ability to project his voice into all those around him in a large diameter. It triggers a target's emotional programming to persuade them to feel or do what he is saying. Be it strong willed, emotionally degraded or actioning his voice. He uses this when in battle to further intimidate his enemy.

The effect causes distortion in audio and optics of targets all around him drowning out other sounds and processors. Visually a mech or femme will see unfocused static bursting through on an intermittent level or a distorted view point.

The process of this vocalised weapon is not forcing an enemy to feel or action what he says but simply persuade them to believe it.

Seeing that it is a vocalised weapon, Svaat cannot tune his voice whilst speaking like this out to allied units. Though to simply be behind him when this occurs will reduce the effect heavily. There is no resistance for this technique of war unless one was to turn their audio receptors off prior to him speaking.

Tactical Combat: The General is a Master when it comes to showing off Tactically Enhanced Power Strikes. Preferring to utilise his legs in series of pressure pointed strikes, Svaat will, once he feels he's shown who is greater, draw his Knife and stab it point down into their chest, forcing the target to kneel painfully and look up at him - A sign of his Supremacy.

To coincide his up close and personal power moves, Svaat's athletic physique allows him to exercise agile close quarter move sets. Though not completely nimble, he is satisfied that he compensates with a high level of armour and Titanium Wolf Designed Fangs to heavily increase his Dark Side Charisma, not to mention that Million Dollar Devilish Smile.

Svaat will torment his target by shooting at limbs to disable their movement, then move in close enough for them to attempt hand to hand combat. Constantly speaking to them in a degrading fashion, he'll then continue to initiate an 'in-battle' torture session by shooting non vital sensory points along his target's body.

Svaat is a Stiff Arse when it comes to dealing with Transformers and Humans he doesn't like or approve of. Is constantly remembered as an Arsehole who couldn't give a damn about anyone outside his own faction. This portrait is something he carries onto battle as a tactic for his enemy to not know his true self.

Svaat is a Gentleman around all females. With a hard drive full of charm and etiquette behaviour, tipped with a touch of suave dialect, The General is well equipped to handle his weakness, provided they reciprocate in a non violent manner.

Svaat is a Two-Faced Snake

Svaat is The Most Endurable Transformer of the entire WarZone

Svaat makes sure everyone knows this -

I am more powerful than all the armies of the world I am more violent than violence, more deadly than death I have destroyed more mechs than all the nation's wars I am relentless, unpredictable, waiting for your last breath

Weaknesses: Due to a programming error in his friend/foe system. Svaat mistakenly took Shadow's form as a 'do not fire at this type of transformer' rather than her being a 'friend'. In which case, unbreakable programming disallows Svaat to fire upon or attack any Robotrix from either side - he hides this by incorporating this into his morals rather than admitting he has a 'soft spot'. Another weakness is that he is afraid of Shadow. Prefers to set most of his armour at the front and leaves little for his back as Svaat relies on the term to 'never turning your back upon a fight'. Whilst in Vehicle mode, he is vulnerable to missile and heavy weapons fire, due to the majority of armour being on his chest plate (underneath vehicle) and arms (which form the doors and partially the roof)

To further his weakness, Svaat siding with The Decepticons comes at a large cost. Providing no information on the whereabouts of The Autobots puts a serious void between him and his new 'comrades' including MegatronX. His loyalty to Shadow is unbreakable and it is enough to destabilise his mission unless he finds a way to keep her out of harms way...and out of The High Council's grasp

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