Name: Swipes

Rank: Non-Commissioned Officer

Primary Affiliation: Autobots

Secondary Affiliation: None

Position: Spy

Alt Mode: Cybertronic Scooter and Cybertronic Jet

Weapons: Laser Pistol (15 rounds per clip; four clips), Energon blades (retractable from his arms)

Motto: “Sacrifice and loyalty above all.”


Swipes is a young sparkling, full of fervor and energy. He is also a haunted mech, watching his family suffer while he goes out and tries to make a name for himself to support them. He stumbled upon Commander Orion Pax while the Commander was memorializing his fallen friends. The younger mech was attempting to steal an emergency thruster component from the unattended shuttle, but was instead caught and lectured about the cost of stealing by the elder statesman. The conversation piqued the younger ones curiosity and started him on the path of becoming an Autobot.

Shortly after the conversation, Swipes put his underground knowledge to use to enlist as a spy in the Autobot forces. Whether or not he will be able to parlay the morally ambiguous expertise into power and glory remains to be seen, but there’s one thing for certain: if anyone can do it, Swipes can.

Powers and Abilities:

Swipes has the ability to sneak into any secure area undetected and take whatever information is necessary. He will do so discreetly and without trying to harm or kill anyone, but even he is aware that it may be necessary at times. Because of his size, he’s very fast and agile; he’s not as fast as his mentor, but he’s fairly swift on his servos.


Swipes cares about his loved ones immensely, and will fight to the death if they are threatened or slandered in any way. Whereas this is an admirable trait, it will get him killed one day if he’s not careful, because most other mechs are bigger and stronger than he is.

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