• The Gray Dwarf
  • Command Deck on Gray Dwarf
  • Sensor Station on Gray Dwarf
  • Officer's Club
  • Quarters on Gray Dwarf
  • Promenade Mall
  • Hanger on Gray Dwarf
  • Corridor on Gray Dwarf
  • Space Eagle Fighter
  • Salamander Shuttle
  • Salamander Shuttle Cockpit
  • Dune Crawler
  • Hologram Light Bee
  • JMC Bazookoid
  • VR Helmet
  • JMC Beer & Cola
  • Vending Machines
  • Vending Food Container
  • Talkie Toaster
  • Zero G Football Game

Reference Material for the GRAY DWARF Game.

Trapped in a parallel galaxy by a freak wormhole accident, many of the crew of the Gray Dwarf found themselves victims of a Cadmium II leak. A few crew members managed to survive in a stasis pod but the ship's AI developed logic issues and randomly releases them. With little hope of finding their way back home within their lifespan they must search the galaxy for supplies & a short cut to get home.  The lifeforms they encounter are not only bizarre but have an odd culture as well & the crew must try to be somewhat diplomatic since they can't call for help.  This is loosely based on a roleplaying game called the Red Dwarf and the movie Spaceballs.  They were looking for a few good men and women and ended up with rejects instead. Join now and help continue the story of the Gray Dwarf as they try to deal with a harsh reality through childish antics.

The characters in this story are very flawed & must deal with their short comings, but usually just wing it & get lucky. This game may contain content of adult nature including violence, sexual content & offensive language, for this reason we recommend you be over 15 years of age when joining.  We will not be held responsible for anyone below the recommended age being exposed to such content. (NPC)s are available for public use.

The Gray Dwarf is loosely based on the tv show "Red Dwarf" and the movie "Space Balls".  This may contain some adult content so please be aware.  

Smeg - A word often substituted that means jerk and several other foul words.

References to the Red Dwarf]RPG Game]RPG Game]Tounge Tied]RPG Book Sample]Wiki Links]Wiki Links]Episode 1 video

References to Space Balls]Wiki Links]Video]Video



Crew & Additional Characters & RacesEdit

  • Master Chief Jaxx Stone & Bif Biggles
  • Ensign Evelina Stone
  • AI Richy
  • Maidbot13
  • Feral Cat
  • Lt. Jr. Grade Jim Pfaffenbach aka Wash Out

Command & OfficersEdit

Captain Miles Tugo In Stasis

XO Lt. Terra Dactyl (NPC) In Stasis

Helm & PilotsEdit

Ensign Evelina Stone Diary

Lt. Jr. Grade Jim Pfaffenbach aka Wash Out (NPC)

Security & MilitaryEdit

Master Chief Jaxx Stone/Bif Biggles Diary

Engineers & TechniciansEdit

Spot (NPC) In Stasis

Bippity and Boppity (NPC) In Stasis


No characters

Medical PersonnelEdit

Dr. House Opain (NPC) In Stasis

Jason Swalina

Aristocracy & DiplomatsEdit

Princess Ima Gwanakikbuty (NPC)  In Stasis

Civilians & OtherEdit

Feral Cat

AIs, Mechs & CyborgsEdit

Richy (NPC)

Maidbot 13 (NPC)

Skutters (NPC)

Robot Mechs (NPC) Unavailable TBA


No characters

Ships & TransportsEdit

Gray Dwarf 

Eagle Starfighters 

Salamander Shuttles 

Dune Crawler 

Additional RacesEditEdit




GELF Model

New Breeds









Red Dwarf Series Races

  • Earth
  • Simulant Battle Crusier
  • Rogue Simulant
  • Derelict WEE-MAY-WAY

Additional Planets & Places


Additional Ships & Stations

WEE-MAY-WAY - Simulant Derelict destroyed


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