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Tales of Bloodquest (ToB) is a fantasy text roleplaying site set in the original world of Atlas. Founded by 4 year roleplayer RadioActive (Currently under Trashcan Man) on March 2nd, 2008. It has since been through 3 different major plots, created a full-fledged timeline, and has 2 spinoffs.


Tales of Bloodquestmap2

Map of Atlas, made by member Shep

Atlas is a land created by ToB Founder and Head Administrator RadioActive, consisting of 6 major lands, 2 islands, and a Underworld system.

Major LandsEdit



Yorkclaw Royal Family Crest

Yorkclaw is the dominant land of Atlas, best known for their military system and their royal family, and for the capitol, Habrigdale. Habrigdale is a massive utopia, centered around Habrigdale Castle, and is on the edge of the lake. Other major cities and settlements include the towns of Ruam, Yarro, Orthen, and Eroh and the port settlements of Varlund, Bayport, and Portsmouth. The cities are connected via a dirt road system.

Yorkclaw is a woodland, with small fields here and there (with the exception of Fleet Fields). Popular activities in Yorkclaw are trading, hunting, and fishing. Common people in Yorkclaw are very relaxed, and are often found at pubs when not working or farming. Mercenaries are a many in Yorkclaw, making a living from doing quests and tasks.


Loamstol is a vast desert land, with hardly any roads. There are 4 cities, Qusay (The Golden City), Marik and Dranad. It is separated from the other lands in Atlas via The Golden Mountains. The Loamstolian government is a very controlled and communist one, and Loamstolians have tanned skin and heavy accents. It's fairly isolated, and doesn't have as good as a connection as Yorkclaw and Stratshine.

Loamstol's capitol is Qusay, otherwise known as Thee Golden City. The reason for it's name is that the walls of Qusay, and the Qusay palace are made purely out of gold. There's four different districts in Qusay, the higher class, middle class, market district, and lower class. Crime is popular in the lower class and market districts, and even evident in the middle class. The higher class district is closed off to commoners, unless you prove yourself worthy. A abusive policing system is evident, and vigilantes are often caught protecting the citizens.


Stratshine is a farming lands, with a Elven history. A monetary system is evident, but rarely used. Instead, a crop and livestock trading system is used. Ancient elven runes can be found in the side of the hills. Stratshine is separated from Yorkclaw by the Grey Mountains and the Ash Mountains, but a road has been made connecting them in the middle of the mountain ranges.


Runecaster is a dark land, with hardly any settlements. It is said the Runecaster was once a grassland like Yorkclaw or Stratshine, but when Lady Death crawled out of the underworld and set foot on the land, it became a dead land.

The IcelandsEdit

A barren iceland, occupied by the Norse.

Minor LandsEdit


Byshaft is a small, mountainous tropical island outside of Yorkclaw. The natives are friendly to whoever is friendly to them, and worship the dragon Sipsal that lives in the mountains. There is also a small trading set up on the docks.

Shipwreck IslandsEdit

The Shipwreck Islands were once a cemetery for ships that have crashed and/or sinked, it now holds a fort for the Great Sea Pirates.


Shipwreck City

The Species of AtlasEdit



Tales of Bloodquest

Tales of Atlas

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