Talicarus_"Tal"_Karinth is a Starfleet Marine (retired) character played by Phillip Crom; Who has made appearances in at least three Star Trek roleplay clubs; he had a brief appearance in, then as CO of Marine Force Recon under James Holbridge, and then finally as CO of the USS Charlotte in the now defunct AJJE games Star Trek rp club. He has also made major appearances in various off world roleplays and medival age roleplays as well as modern era roleplays.

Character career Edit

Tal was born Talicarus S'rath Karinth in the early 24th century, the son of colonists on a distant world inside the Typhon Expanse. Simultaneously, Tal also existed as an adult for a brief time in the same time period, his actions as an adult create a temporal causality loop which he lives within.

His younger self was cast back into time when the binary sun of his home was made to go supernova by his future self. Because of the nature and type of causality he created/lives in, it has various effects: first what appears at first glance an extended life; in truth he lives the length of his normal lifespan spread over 1400 plus years. Second, though Tal can alter some events in history, it inevitably always brings him back to a single choice, and though he can change some details, he cannot alter the path of history on the whole no matter how many attempts are made. Third, and finally, Tal was heavily bombarded with chroniton particles, which in his later years of life would manifest itself as a chronopathology known as Hunters' Syndrome.

His final fate is unknown, as his player was rumored to have retired for good from roleplaying after the AJJE incident, and now only appears in an out of character format if at all.

Castle Skyrim 1997-present (?) Edit

Begin in 1997, Tals' player established his permnent 'home' on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network, taking over a channel that was passed on to him, #Castle_Skyrim (not to be confused with the video game Skyrim, which came much later). Although currently inactive the channel is still under occasional use, mostly for interpersonal communications. It is moved from server to server in order to prevent malicious individuals from severing his connection to that channel.

Darkmoor years (1995-2015) Edit

when Tal awoke, the young man (now about 19 physically) discovered himself to have been thrown approximately 1400 years back in time, to the year 1098AD. Tal settled into this life for a time, becoming a soldier and then a knight in the medieval realm of Darkmoor Manor; acquiring magicks and abilities beyond the scope of normal human capacity. Eventually Tal would eventually discover that the founder of this house, Lord William MacKinsey, was his ancestor, and Tal would eventually embrace his destiny as 'guardian' of the realm until its fall sometime in the modern age. Tal still makes appearances, but these are extremely infrequent, for the same reason that Castle Skyrim is constantly moved around from server to server.

Darkmoor resides on the IRC server

WoD (2000-2004) Edit

Tal has also appeared in several World Of Darkness roleplays as a hunter of the supernatural, in fact in nearly every incarnation, he was a hunter of the supernatural in some form or another. Although these appearances were brief and sporadic, they were consistent during the period between 2000-2004.

the character was killed in this world, although it is believed this death was not permanent. However, the player moved on from that point and never considered the world viable to return to.

Belariath (2002-2004) Edit

Tal alao appeared on worlds beyond the scope of the normal time-apace continuum, although it is unclear exactly what time period these appearances are from again, Tal learned and acquired abilities and magicks not otherwise available to him. His foray into this world was brief. These abilities later vanished, apparently, as he does not seem to use them. It is unclear if he still possesses them or not.

Tal and subsequently, his player, were banned. However, the player moved on from that point and never considered the world viable to return to. Belariath exists on the server (2000-2010) Edit

Tal appeared in from 2002-2010, serving as an officer on various starships. This foray ended when his player left the club For personal reasons not having to do with the club directly. rumor has it once he considered returning to his roots, meaning Darkmoor and STF specifically, but no such event has taken place, to date.

Marine Force Recon (2004-2008) Edit

consecutively to STF, Tal also appeared in Marine Force Recon, serving first as a CO of a Starship and finally, as head of Marine Force Recon alongside James Holbridge. When the club folded, Tal was the second to last to leave, second only to Holbridge himself. If MFR were re-established it is a serious possibility he would return to it.

Ajje (2010-2011) Edit

Tal also appeared in the AJJE games universe, rising in the ranks to command the experimental Arizona class starship (USS Charlotte). Tal left AJJE IN 2011, over personal reasons and internal politics. However, the player moved on from that point and never considered the world viable to return to, and further found the politics and personal vendettas to be too toxic an enviorment to sustain viable roleplay.

Family Edit

Tal has or had, depending on what particular time period he is viewed from, an extended and extensive family. married three times, Tal has had three children: Kyoto Inazumano Karinth, which Tal had with his first wife Inazumano Kotetsu. After her murder, Tal remarried two years later, and had a daughter, Alexandria. When his second wife passed away, Tal would wait almost another five years before he would remarry to his current wife, Annareece` Volkova; they would have a child together whom they would name Jillian Jeanne Karinth, affectionately called 'JJ' by her friends and family.

it was also established Tal is the 14th Lord of Delemere, descended from the 1st Lord of Darkmoor, Lord Sir William MacKinsey. It was also determined later that Nial "Cannonball" MacLaren was also a relative, albeit a distance one. Through these two houses his lineage is interconnected with both his past and his future, completing the circle of the temporal causality loop he lives within.

Kyoto went missing, and his daughtter Alexandria was killed; William MacKinsey passed away centuries before, and General MacLaren passed away at his desk in the late 24th Century. He was separated from his wife, and is estranged to his only known surviving child, Jillian.