Name: Talon

Primary function: Scout

Alt mode: Turbo Hawk


1x knife

Wrist mounted combat blades

(In Alt mode) talons

Profile: Talon is Shadow's optics-in-the-sky, a nearly undetectable spy/scout unit who can spot a turbo-mouse from eight kilometeres up. Thanks to a handy little gizmo Wheeljack cooked up, he can also send live visual feed to her from almost anywhere. He's also Shadow's best friend- loyal, dependable in a tight spot, and absolutely trustworthy

Abilities: There is very little that can escape his optics in any visual spectrum, and his small size and low energy output makes him almost undetectable.

Weaknesses: His small size makes him an easy and weak target, and his fire power is zip. Any radio-jamming is also very inconvienient, as Shadow is one of the few who can understand his normal bird-speak and he has to radio other Autobots to communicate with them.

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