Name: Talonlaser

Faction: ArmourCommando

Primary Function: Reconnaissance

Alternate Mode: V-22 Osprey VTOL Aircraft

Weapons: Laser rifle with scope, carries six shots in one clip. Two energon trench knives, used for a variety of purpose. Only used as a last resort in combat In vehicle mode: Light gatling laser mounted on the nose

Profile: One of the many Decepticons stationed at Korash Delta 5, Talonlaser held a close kinship with his fellows. He developed a particular friendship with the scientist Thunderscythe, as the two had worked together on many research missions. After Blazecleaver left for Earth, and Horrorflame disappeared, Talonlaser found himself in charge of the operations on the planet. While clearing out his new quarters, he came across an old datatrack, belonging to Horrorflame. When he uploaded it, he found that there was a lot more to Horrorflame than he originally thought, and so he too left Korash, hoping to find an organisation which could fund the search he had in mind.

Abilities: Being a recon specialist, Talonlaser has developed an aptitude for survival, meaning he can still function even when on the brink of stasis lock, and is able to run on minimal energon supplies. His vehicle mode has been upgraded to harvest energy from the atmosphere, using the most basic of methods to convert it to energon, meaning he can remain airborne for days at a time.

Weaknesses: Due to his minimalist energy needs, over-exertion can be fatal for Talonlaser. Usually over-exerting is a minor discomfort for a Decepticon, as they must take a break. Talonlaser, on the other hand, is prone to fall into stasis lock, if he is forced to exert energy for extended periods of time, for example running, or drawn-out combat.

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