Task Force Firefly was a Star Trek sim club that existed ca 2006.[1]


Sims that are known to have been a part of Task Force Firefly are as follows:[2]

Senior staffEdit

Known members of the senior staff of Task Force Firefly are as follows:[3]

  • Admiral Jadzia Lorraine, Commander and Chief and Owner
  • Vice Admiral Mysterious Stranger, Deputy Commander and Chief
  • Vice Admiral Tacfleet, Judge Advocate General
  • Rear Admiral TRenda, Director of Fleet Operations


  1. The club was active in 2006; it took part in the 2006 SciWorld Online Convention and had an active website in that year. The club most likely ceased operations sometime prior to March 19, 2007 as the Wayback machine shows an expired domain for that date. It is not known when the club was founded. ChasTOL, April 20, 2014
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