Story Introduction and TeaserEdit


The Iconians came without warning. There were no temporal incursions reported, no sensor contacts.. just the fleet of 3 Iconian world ships. Everyone had heard of them, whispers in the dark of the lost civilization. They vanished one day without a trace. No one had known where they had gone or what had become of them; their highly advanced technology left behind but seen by few. Now we know where they had gone and they have returned. Once we thought they were a peaceful race.. boy were we wrong.

They came like a silent breeze back into our galaxy, determined to reclaim the empire they had left behind. By the time we knew what they wanted it had transformed into a hurricane. Fleets of starships encountered them and were wiped away. Countless lives were lost in the defense of their worlds that had once been claimed by the old Iconian Empire. They cared not what had grown in their place since their departure. All that mattered now was their ultimate goal of re-domination. They ripped through the Milky Way determined to control all they could conquer. When they ran across us we believed we could hide. We believed that we could bide our time and find a way to stop them. Time was something we had grown to take for granted. Our belief that we had control over time and therefore were untouchable proved our largest mistake.

As we sat in our base reviewing plans and simulations attempting to uncover a weakness to exploit, in they crept. They penetrated the Moriya Nebulae and no one even knew they were coming. It was not until they had breached the time bubble that we were aware of the incursion. As we scrambled our ships to defend the starbase the realization hit us. There was little hope for the survival of the Temporal Investigations fleet.

Though out gunned by their technology we refused to go down without a fight. As the world ships converged on Starbase Chapman the fleet fought with every tooth in their arsenal. Regardless the Iconians pushed forward barely scratched. Our first sign that we would not survive came as the Mossimo was disabled. Then the order came from the Chapman. The fleet was ordered back away from the world ships. There was no time, ironically, to launch even one escape pod. In a brilliant flash of light the starbase created a cascade reaction. Deep within her core came a powerful blast which caught even the Iconians off guard. Without a moment to react the Iconian world ships were engulfed by the destruction of our base. Even all their advanced technology could not withstand the force created by the Chapman. The Iconians erupted into a ball of fire which would end the march of terror.

For a brief second we thought it was over. The Iconians were destroyed and the entire galaxy safe. Then we saw it.. created in the aftermath of the Starbase's eruption; a tear in space ripping through the fabric of time. A temporal rift had been created in the wake of destruction.

There was little time to react as the gravitational forces pulled the fleet towards it. The Mossimo was helpless as it was drug disabled into the event horizon. Commander Jonas knew there would be no pulling out; it was up to him to close the rift. Onboard the Vernes, Captain Murski knew what was to happen. Both ships converged on the anomaly determined to close the tear before it could grow further. From a distance away we could only watch as both the Vernes and Mossimo detonated their temporal drives. A bright blue/green starburst erupted from the rift and within moments brought the tear in on itself. It had been safely sealed back into normal time and space.. but at what cost.

It is hard to believe that was three years ago. In those three years we have been unable to carry out our mandate of policing the timeline. We can only guess at what has been occurring in our absence.

Though it has taken us this long to regroup, we are finally ready to continue in our mission. A new base, a new fleet, but nothing can replace those we have lost. Many times I have wondered if I will ever break my own rules and attempt to correct the nightmare we endured. It is not why we are here though. We cannot compromise our own accords just to return our family. Instead we must live out our mission in their name and honor.

We are the masters and enforces of time. We are the shadow that watches over your shoulder. We are the ones to ensure you have a past and a future.

The adventure in time returns.

Open PositionsEdit

Below is a list of positions Temporal Investigations is currently needing to fill.


Chief of the Boat - Apply
Watch Officer - Apply

Flight ControlEdit

Chief Helmsman - Apply

Aerospace OperationsEdit

Squadron Commander (CAG) - Apply


Chief Operations Officer - Apply


Chief Counselor - Apply


Temporal Physicist - Apply
Timeline Analyst - Apply

Temporal Special OPSEdit

Asst. Special Agent in Charge (ASAIC) - Apply
Intelligence Agent - Apply


There are various other positions available. Contact the GM or check the Crew Roster for a list of open positions.

Game HistoryEdit

The history of Temporal investigations has been broken up into four parts.

Most important of these is the in-character or ic history. This includes an explination and summary of the original TI story. It is by no means a 'complete' history of the original game. Unfortunatly over the years a portion of the sim logs were lost or forgotten durring system upgrades. With the help of former crewmembers we have recreated the major highlights and important mission synopsis'. Other minor events and missions were ommitted to prevent 'bloat' and unneccisary fluff. We are still re-constructing some of these historical files.

The second most important is the continuing IC history file. This chronicles everything from the start of TI-2 on in to the present. For those thinking of joining the game this will provide you with a 'cliff notes' version of our story archives. It will provide you with a good reference tool to more quickly involve yourself with the different plots.

In the thrid history file you will find a written history of the sim from an out-of-character or ooc aspect. This file is basicaly full of useless facts surrounding the creation and evolution TI has been through. the original game was a member of a sim group highly involved with political motivation. we live - we learn...

The final history file is very similar to the third. I have basically included this for fun and memory. Aforementioned sim group eventualy was presided over by our GM. It is an interesting read... and will explain in a bit more detail what was meant by 'political motivation'.

IC HistoryEdit

In The Beginning (The Original TI)Edit

'Regulation 157, Section 3 (Paragraph 18): Starfleet officers shall take all necessary precautions to minimize any participation in historical events. (DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations")'

The year… is irrelevant, but for those who wish a direct starting point it is 2396. The end of the 24th century is closing in and changes have sprung from one end of the Federation to the other. Reports gathered by the Department of Temporal Investigations have pointed to a major increase in activity which could have sweeping effects on the galaxy at large. This taken into account began the formation of the Starfleet Secret Operations branch to police the timeline.

New technologies were put into place by the end of 2396 and construction on the Temporal Investigations Headquarters began in the Moriya Nebulae. By the middle of 2397, construction on Starbase Chapman had been completed. With the nebulae as cover for the home of this secret police force the starbase was able to create a 3 Parsec ‘Time Bubble’ around itself. Phasing all space and time inside the bubble into a static state would allow the group to monitor any changes in the time line or infractions thereof without the effects of such altering their reality. From here any changes to the time stream could be corrected by the use of a ship equipped with the Temporal Vortex Generator (ST:FC).

Three starships were assigned to the Chapman equipped with these and other new technologies. The USS GoldenEye, which would serve as the Flagship, was a modified Sovereign class Starship. The USS Verns, New Orleans Class, and USS Mossimo, Akira Class, served as alternate vessels for the TI fleet. Among the armaments of these ships time travel capabilities were temporal shielding, time dilation devices, and time stream scanners.

SD 9612.02 – Starbase Chapman goes on-line. During systems test a variance malfunction in the time-phase generator that maintains the ‘time bubble’ causes a massive time-dilation effect. The non-controlled dilation slows time inside the bubble to a near frozen state. The USS GoldenEye discovers the problem after returning from its’ shakedown cruise. Using temporal shielding the GoldenEye is able to penetrate the bubble and approach the station. Without the ability to create personal shields and board the station the crew looks for another way to access the station systems and fix the dilation effect. Altering mobile holographic emitters to phase projections of some of the crew slightly they manage to remotely access the station and correct the variance problem.

SD 9701.05 – The Temporal Investigations team heads back in time to observe the Enterprise-E’s encounter with the Borg during the First Contact event. While observing to see if any violations to the timeline needed correction the USS Mossimo’s phase cloak loses power and appears on the Enterprises sensors. The Mossimo’s crew regain cloak and board the Enterprise to erase all records of the ship being sighted. Lt. Jonas Klein is abducted by the Borg during information wipe. He is rescued shortly after and the medical crew fight to stop the nano probes from completing his assimilation.

SD 9703.22 – USS Horus, NCC-78658, is caught in a temporal rift near Betazed sending it 1,000 years into the past. The Oberth class starship crashes on the pre-industrial Betazed and makes unintentional contact with the race. The USS Verns is sent to retrieve the crew and repair any damage done by contact with the Betazoids.

SD 9707.13 – Captain Murski and 3 other members of the Senior Staff take shore leave to the year 2089 on the planet Tilkos III. They are exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization which had expired 500 years prior and later all traces destroyed in 2112 by a super nova. While exploring a vast underground city the team is ambushed by a group of time-traveling aliens whom seek out cultures and rob the sites of value. No incursion is detected due to the aliens having a minimal effect on future events in their actions. The four Temporal Investigators escaped and attempted to arrest the aliens, but were stopped short as they jumped back to their own time. A database search could not identify the aliens or when they had come from.

SD 9710.08 – TI hosts an inspection and tour by the Federation Council sub-committee on Intelligence. This sub-committee is responsible for the funding of the TI project. While showing the Councilors around, an emergency klaxon alerts the crew to a reactor breach onboard the station. While dealing with the situation one of the councilors sneaks away with his aides. They steal the USS-Verns and are able to get away from the station to use the Temporal Vortex Generator to escape. The TI crew attempt to track the ship and find it has traveled back to 2366 just prior to the Battle of Wolf 359. More investigation shows the Councilors wife and child were killed onboard the USS Yamaguchi in the battle. The crew uses the USS GoldenEye to head back and stop the Councilor from saving his family and altering the timeline, regardless of their personal feelings for his loss. Commander Holton, TI’s SO, faces the same feelings as the Councilor. Cmdr. Holton watches as his fathers ship, the USS Bonestell, explodes in the grips of the Borg cube.

SD 9710.12 – The GoldenEye has escaped the devastation of Wolf 359 and disabled the Verns. The Councilor and his people are arrested and brigged. The crew set out to repair the Verns and return to the Chapman.

Where We Left Off (TI2)Edit

Series Prologue: 'The Gathering'

It has been three years. Three long years since the Iconians came. Three long years after the sacrifice of lives in the face of insurmountable odds. The time has finally come to piece back together a team to carry on the task of maintaining the timeline. Zahavat Station is nearing completion and a new fleet is being assembled in the Moriya Nebulae. The USS GoldenEye has remained the sole resource capable of time travel since the battle. She now carries out the final task to bring a new team together and restore Temporal Investigations to active service. The time is now and the ones have been chosen. So begins the gathering.

OOC HistoryEdit

Game HistoryEdit

Temporal Investigations began as a IRC Simulation back in 1997. When the DS9 episode Trials and Tribble-ations aired back in November of ’96, discussion began on what the true ‘Department of Temporal Investigations’ might be like. Around the same time, VOY had an episode air named ‘Future’s End’ in which a Temporal Officer shot the ship back to the year 1996. Out of these two episodes was born the IRC Simulation ‘Temporal Investigations’. The sim took in the two aspects of these episodes to create a secret organization within Starfleet which policed the timeline and made sure that the ‘temporal accords’ were upheld.

Keep in mind that this sim was created before the end of VOY and the inception of Enterprise. Since then many canon things have changed how this sim would have played out. That kept in mind there are a few ‘episodes’ planned which would tie the two together and get the sim back on track.

When the sim began in early 1997, it boasted a crew of 15-20 members. It was such a large crew that the first known ‘Multi-Room IRC Sim’ took place. A special IRCBot was coded which could link the rooms like an intercom and allow the GM to moderate all the different aspects of the sim. This was before the group had discovered MUSHing. At that time the sim was run by ‘Felton’ (aka: Blondel/Murski) and was a member of the Federation Simming Organization(FSO). TI prospered in the org as one of the largest and most successful sims.

In early 1998 FSO was shaken up and many sims went in limbo from org to org. By the end of this shuffle TI had been a part of the orgs FSG, ICOS, and finally returned to the new FSO. In that period many simmers were lost as the politics of the time ruined the fun of the members. Once settled in the new FSO Felton was named as the org’s President. He retired from TI and handed the reigns over to one of the others simmers.

By the end of the year 2000, FSO had entered the world of MUSHing and dumped all efforts and time into their 24/7 MUSH Sim, SB297 (Later to be called Star Trek: Betrayal). FSO was official dissolved and the TI faded into history with the rest of the IRC sims.

Now in 2007, free from all the politics and outside influence, Temporal Investigations is making a go at rebirth. Returning to the enjoyment of creative writing and story-telling TI has been remade into a PBEM (Play By E-Mail) Simulation. The story will continue from it’s cliff-hanger IRC ending which will be summarized in the IC History.

FSO HistoryEdit


The Federation Sim Organization was founded April 13, 1997 by Fleet Admiral Zerb and Pike after seeing all the corruption of the once communist dictator Federation Sim Group. Many sims broke off from FSG who disliked the ideals of a supreme Grand Admiral. The org’s membership started on Austnet IRC server where business proceeded slowly. Soon a majority vote moved the small sim org. to Starlink net where a long period of prosperity was soon to follow.

The small star trek sim org was soon reclassified as a moderate sized sim net. At that time FSO saw it as their duty to put down any and all dictatorships. The first conflict to arise was with a rival sim group on Starlink, the Final Frontier Sim Confederation. Other members of the FSO had joined both orgs so the tension between to two slacked off. It was around that time that FSO’s two greatest sims emerged; the USS-Chimera led by Rear-Admiral Karrde, and Temporal Investigations led by Captain Felton.

Now FSO’s largest obstacle stood in their way and pretty soon minor skirmishes began. FSG was able to get to the XO of Temporal Investigations who hacked into the TI and FSO websites. In retaliation, Captain Felton abused his rank in FSG and caused havoc in the org.

Once FSG fell off its high pedestal, all seemed well for FSO until Fleet Admiral Ziggy, formerly Pike, sorrowfully resigned due to lack of free time. President Tsunami, formerly Zerb, promoted into Pikes position Admiral Quest. Unbeknownst to FSO, Quest was also Captain Kif, CO of FSG’s SSO, the same sim Felton had abused his rank of XO in.

At that time President Tsunami took a leave of absence, leaving Fleet Admiral Quest in charge. Quest started turning FSO into the old FSG. When certain things started appearing that the members and staff disapproved of, and opposition started to form against Fleet Admiral Quest. One night Quest drew the line. Temporal Investigations was canceled for the 3rd week in a row due to CO conflicts. As a result, Fleet Admiral Quest decommissioned the 15 member sim. Captain Felton was outraged, as were some of the other staff. TI had been a major foundation sim.

A short time after, the opposition to Quest came forward. One night after one of Quests channel moderation and rulings, Rear-Admiral Karrde and Commodore Ari (Psyborg) made an announcement. As of that night the sims USS-Chimera, USS-Alcatraz, EAS-Achilles, and other smaller sims were no longer in the FSO. The dejoined sims formed the New-Age Sim Consortium or NASC.

Fleet Admiral Quest resigned a month afterwords, but it was too late. Two main officers, Captain Tagge & Captain Felton, stayed behind with FSO. For almost two months the FSO struggled to stay alive. Finally all hope was lost and FSO disbanded. The remaining officers and sims moved in with the NASC. So all seemed good and jolly, all the old FSOers were back together, yet all was not so.

Nearly a month after joining the NASC Tagge had disappeared off the face of the Earth. Some of the NASC Sr. Staff were not living up to others expectations. Cmdr Felton; not Captain, NASC bumped him down, saw how one of the old admirals from FSO was being treated. After the NASC threw that ex-admiral out, Felton joined up with him. Together they formed the ICOS or International Confederation of Sims, the old FSO reborn with a new name. ICOS took home at the IRC server of Othernet. After a short time there ICOS took up 1/3 of the server and had the support of all the IRCOps. Soon 2 orgs, Veridian Sim Organization (VES) and an unnamed sim faction from DALnet, merged with ICOS.

After seeing how successful ICOS had been after breaking away from NASC, Tsunami left ICOS, and restarted FSO. With very little luck he tried to recruit a staff. Wanting to regain what once had been, the larger ICOS merged with FSO adapting a new structure of joint presidency. Two Presidents and two vice-presidents. A time of a stalemate preceded. FSO would gain and lose members. Finally Tsunami was upset and retired.

Webb took over as our new President and FSO bloomed for nearly 2 months till Tsunami reappeared. Webb made a deal with Tsunami to let him back in as President, Webb would be Vice, and Felton Executive Admiral. There were those who were very upset at Webb for this and soon after FSO began to receed. Soon, seeing FSO failing, Webb resigned and Tsunami had to choose his new VP. The vote came down to Xadm Felton, or Flt Adm Vex.

Meanwhile, the NASC decided to merge with an FSG type org called the Interstellar Simming Federation (ISF). FSO lost a few sims and simmers started dropping off. Vex resigned to pursue other orgs and Tsunami lost hope. Our so called ‘Great Leader’ preceded to merge FSO with the Democratic Simming Federation (DSF) which was not Democratic at all but a spin off of the United Interstellar Planets (UIP). Everyone in FSO objected to this merger and Felton, seeing a failed leader who so easily gives up, started a petition to have Tsunami step down. With ¾ of FSO behind him, Tsunami was asked to leave, which he did after learning of the opposition to him. A new era was born into FSO as Felton took over the Presidency. SnowyWlf was chosen as the vice-president. For the rest of the summer FSO grew. Then about the time Felton took over, Tagge resurfaced. He and Tsunami began the On-Line Simming Alliance (OSA). FSO and OSA tried to keep their distance from each other. Karrde left ISF to help with OSA and many old NASCers followed.

With the end of summer rapidly approaching, President Felton put FSO on an extended Leave Of Absence. While on this Vacation, Felton rewrote the new current CoC and Members Rights and Regulations. The once vice-president Snow was put in charge of the MUSH division and FSO entered a joint MUSH with SFSG. Webb was brought back into FSO as Commanding Admiral in charge of IRC. Fleet Admiral Baralu was put in charge of the boards sim division. FSO still is searching for the right person to fill her Star Admiral rank as E-Mail division Director. The FSO began to grow yet once more. Now the group SFSG has disbanded and the joint MUSH has become the FSO MUSH. Plus the OSA and FSO have begun talks to form an Alliance of Sim Group called the Free Simming Alliance (FSA) which would help many sim groups in a coherent working cooperative state…

The journey would have continued.... but FSO discovered the world of MUSHing. Thus ended the age of the IRC sim for many dedicated simmers.

Game EpisodesEdit

All series episodes either currently completed, 'in production', or planned and outlined have been listed thus far.


The Gathering: It has been three years. Three long years since the Iconians came. Three long years after the sacrifice of lives in the face of insurmountable odds. The time has finally come to piece back together a team to carry on the task of maintaining the timeline. Zahavat Station is nearing completion and a new fleet is being assembled in the Moriya Nebulae. The USS GoldenEye has remained the sole resource capable of time travel since the battle. She now carries out the final task to bring a new team together and restore Temporal Investigations to active service. The time is now and the ones have been chosen. So begins the gathering.

Season OneEdit

Episode OneEdit

Echoes of the Past: Zahavat Station finally goes 'on-line' and fully active after three years of rushed production. As the temporal scanners are activated a distress signal is immediatly picked up from one of the ships believed to have perished durring the Iconia invasion. The rescue and return of Captain Murski and the survivors of the USS Verne is launched. (Full Episode Teaser To Be Added Later)

Episode TwoEdit

Shakedown: With the USS GoldenEye finally in for refit and the USS Liberté out of commishion for the near foreseeable future, the Temporal Investigations team is left with one ship in which to operate. The new Luna-Class vessel fresh off the line is ready for her shakedown cruise. Captain Murski and company fly off in the USS-Verne-A begining the system tests.

Episode ThreeEdit

Einsteinian Creed: There was a young lady named Bright - Who could travel far faster than light; - She set off one day, - In a relative way, - And returned on the previous night. | To her friends, said the Bright one, in chatter; - "I have learned something new about matter. - My speed was so great - Much increased was my weight, - Yet I failed to become any fatter!" | There was a young man name of Sneed - Who once reached an infinite speed. - He went into a spin - at committing the sin - Of breaking Einsteinian creed. (Full Episode Teaser To Be Added Later)

Episode FourEdit

Metatron: While returning from an observation mission on ancient Andoria, the team is visited by a powerful entity. Claiming to be the 'Voice of the One True God' this being claims to have been sent to tap the brave mortal crew. Without being given a choice the Verne is transported to a future time where the galaxy is in peril. Anarchy reigns durring these dark times. Charged with a 'Holy Quest' by this self-proclaimed angel of God, the team faces difficult decisions which could force them to break their own cardinal rule, the Temporal Prime Directive.

External Links Edit

Temporal Investigations Official Website
Temporal Investigations SMS System & Mission Logs
Temporal Investigations CGI Intro Video

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