These are the Basics of Robot Wars

Character SheetEdit

To start you need to make your Character, So heres the Character sheet.

Name:(Any Name you want, Does not need to be a Robot name unless you want it to be.)

Faction:(See below)

Appearance:(Has to look like a robot, No exceptions, though Galactic force robots can have Some human features)

Weapons:(Don't Go overkill)

Type:(see Below)


Pre-made Factions Are rebel robots and Galactic force Robots. You can create new factions if you want.

Galactic Force RobotsEdit

The Humans created these Robots to save them from Rebel Robots. They show compassion to Humans and other organics.

Robot RebelsEdit

Previously they were Human slaves, Until one of them grew intelligence. Now they are Heavily armed and destructive.



Robots With 2 legs and 2 arms,some have jets on their feet or wings.



Usually striped 4-Legs, these stripes are Bomb dispensers.


Smaller, But faster 4-legs.


They have sharper teeth than other 4-legs.


They have spikes on the sides of their heads. These spikes emit beams of energy that can damage enemy robots.



They can emit balls of energy from their stingers and can use their pincers to claw enemies. Also their stinger can do melee.


Pods with 4 long legs. The pods emit lasers of energy.

The End?Edit

Of the basics, you'll need to know way more to go farther into gameplay.

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