The Blue Stuff (often stylized as Blue Stuff™) is a staple drink of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance.


The Blue Stuff™ was discovered late one night by Lieutenant Bjorn Vuelvas and Lieutenant Junior Grade Christiaan Back. Legend holds that, "after putting quite a dent in the ship's alcohol supply," the pair "discovered a bottle of blue liquid that neither recognized" under the bar in the lounge of the USS Potemkin.[1]


The Blue Stuff™ kills brain cells and hits harder than any alcohol. It is noted for its "fantastic" taste and  kick "unlike anything" experienced before.[2]

Different species and cultures have varying reactions to the drink but none have a high tolerance for it. Drinkers are usually left "quite utterly incoherent."[3]


Despite having been in existence for more than a decade, no one has figured out if the Blue Stuff™ is an alien drink or a cleaning solution.[4]


The Blue Stuff is a common drink order on many sims in the SLA, even across genres. It is most commonly associated with the USS Potemkin, the ship on which the substance was "found." Since 2005, various simming groups have taken up the Blue Stuff in honor of Seth Cotis.

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