The Executioners were created before the Quintessons were overthrown. They originally served as bodyguards to the leaders, often used for covert operations to assassinate the Cybertronian rebel leaders. However, Stunshock and his team were working with the rebels and were instrumental in destroying the defense grid of the Quints when the rebellion took place.

When the Autobot High Council was established, Stunshock and his team became the guards for them and were once again called upon for covert operations during the Great War, fighting to end the corruption of Cybertron. However, it soon became apparant they were working for those who were as corrupt as those they wanted to remove. Shockwave convinced them to join the Decepticons, after which, they returned to the Council and slaughtered them.

The Executioners were used over the next few million years as a commando group, rarely leaving Cybertron.

In 2004, they were called to Earth as part of a major reinforcement group. They were part of the team that were led by a time travelling Galvatron to retrieve the Decepticon Matrix. The Executioners were tasked with destroying the guardian, an immense lizard robot. Despite combining into Scythe, they were no match and the team as it stood was destroyed.

Currently, Stunshock survived, Grinder and Pounder have been resurrected, Corrode is MIA and Ripper chose to remain within the Allspark.


Stunshock (Leader) Grinder (Medic) Pounder (Scientist/Mechanic) Corrode (Sniper) (MIA) Ripper (Tactitian) (Deceased)

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