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In world where zombies, werewolves, vampires, demons, sirens and animal/humans (humans that turn to animals) are at war, alliances, enemies and forbidden friendships will be created and destroyed. Great beasts look upon it all. Love will be forced or banned. Humans are nothing... You create your help...

RULES: 1. NO IMMORTALITY!!! Does not matter what monster you are! 2. No killing without permission from the player who owns the character. 3. No more than 8 characters! (Mods can have more if necessary to keep the peace.)

Have fun!


Vampires: Raliss Mala, Vera Griffin, Romeo Poison, Daren Flaance, Pierre Scott.

Werewolves: Korita Clawstrike, Ivory Skyes, Alexander Bloodheart, Queen Sonla Bloodheart, King Claw Bloodheart, Alexander Cage, Hala Sorsigh, Sarlie Dilan.

Zombies: Ally Griffen.

Demons: Princess Melissa Keliss, Ramsha Swirlwind, Shadow Dust, Princess Raven Dust, Hope.

Animal/Humans: Midnight Darkness, Clover Heartsong, Bruce Winter.

Humans: Henry Shubert, Ethan Kedrik

Sirens: Karna Sea

Great Beasts: None.

Current EventsEdit

Vampires roam the land, werewolves hunt wherever, zombies rise, demons are fading away, sirens are soaring above it all, and animal/humans hunt in packs while the humans die out. A group fights to save the King and Queen, a forbidden love tries to hide away, sirens attack left and right, and a plague prepares to strike. Welcome to Mantaria, the place raged by the Monster Wars...

The TrailerEdit

Hi, it's me, Ralazie, and I recently made a video to advertise the Monster Wars. I hope you like it! :)

File:The Monster Wars Ongoing Worlds Trailer

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