The Noir was a Star Trek play-by-email role-play. Active from 2002 to ca 2006, The Noir served in the Celestial Prime Alliance and the Vega Prime Alliance.


Founded in 2002 as a sim in the Celestial Prime Alliance (CPA), The Noir, along with the USS Georgetown and the USS Tempest, left the CPA in October 2005 to establish the Vega Prime Alliance.


The Noir II, registry number 002003-B, was a Saber-Class Fast Frigate. Supported by a crew of 60 (15 officers, 45 enlisted), the Noir had ten decks, a cruising speed of Warp 7, and a top speed of Warp 9.8, which could be sustained for 12 hours.

Command historyEdit

Major awardsEdit

Three times members of The Noir received the Celestial Prime Muse Award.

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