The year is 2354, the human race and it's alien allies are reeling from a series of armed conflicts between the Alpha and Beta systems. The two systems, both containing dozens of colonies and super-stations, were nearly destroyed, leaving thousands dead and many more homeless. The reasons for the bizarre conflict were many in number, most were benign and almost harmless. This left a question hanging in the minds of every citizen living under the flag of the Coalition of Systems, why? Why was this war started? Was it human nature, or perhaps the natural reaction of the aliens living beside those humans? Perhaps it was greed, or envy.

Not knowing why angered Dr. Stafford and his clients, and they made it known on every media outlet. They claimed that this kind of senseless, reasonless violence, if left unchecked, would result in the death of every single species in the galaxy! This of course sent the galactic community into panic. Many began asking Stafford and his associates for help, for safety from this genocidal behavior. They then offered their solution, a safe haven, and a new way of life. A sprawling space station was created on the outskirts of known space called Unity-1. The purpose of the station was to create a model for a new line of communities that would protect the species of the Coalition from harm, and ensure their ongoing survival. Many signed up, but few were chosen to live aboard the station. They were called "the pioneers of a new way of life", with Dr. Stafford as their leader. One by one the pioneers arrived and established their home aboard the station, excited for their new life and utterly mystified by the glamorous space station. The unity project was about to begin....

You play as a Pioneer living aboard the mysterious Unity-1 station. It's up to you to try and make it in this new, strange, and captivating environment. Open a store, take a job as a security guard, or simply wander around the station. But remember, you serve a purpose aboard the station, and you are a vital part of the project! ALWAYS think before you decide, because every decision you make affects the entire station, and everyone on it! So what are you waiting for Pioneer?


Your character's personality and traits are all up to you. But they must have at least ONE STRONGPOINT and ONE WEAKNESS. And don't just make a human, make up a unique alien! But before you do anything, think! Why do you want to live on Unity-1? Why would Stafford choose you over everyone else? What can you contribute? In addition, you can give them a family or friends that live with them! A wife, kids, or maybe you live with a friend or parent? (don't make separate characters for family, include them with your character!). Also, please keep this in mind, your character isn't immortal in this story! They can die or get arrested. Due to this, all members of The Pioneers are limited to two characters until those characters die or depart, and in that event Dr. Stafford will permit a replacement to take their place. Death and departure are PERMENANT, so make your choices wisely and don't alienate your neighbors! Another restriction is that your characters can not be omnipotent, have powers of any sort, or come from some alternate reality. However, feel free to fill in the blanks any other way you want! So what are you waiting for Pioneer? Pick a genus, fill out your application, and get started!


Like characters, this is up to you. Sometimes you will be presented with a scenario to follow, but the rest of the time it's up to you. Think, what is Joe Alien doing today? How am I going to spend my Sunday? Or even things like "where does this doorway lead? How long has that camera been there? Who is that guy!" The station is vast and mysterious, and there are infinite possibilities, use your imagination! But DO NOT CONTRADICT MINE OR OTHER MEMBER'S STORIES. If Joe Alien killed your dog, your dog is dead! Or if Stafford deported your son, then I'm sorry but little Tommy is gone! Use that to your advantage, how would you get revenge? However, characters killing each other without reason is not allowed! The only way a character dies is by their own fault, or if they wronged another in a certain way. Side characters like wives, Children, and friends are exempt from this rule, but remember, decisions have consequences! This is not a story with paranormal occurances like time travel, wormholes, parallel realities, etc. That doesn't mean that you can't plan weird events though!

Like all good stories, The Pioneers will one day come to a definite end! So make your part story a good one!


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