This page discusses the setting of which User:Sadow-sama will Roleplay in actively and will allow others to take part in freely. It is an imaginative universe of advanced technology, Magic, religious themes, and paranormality. Tread carefully, wary viewer, for you are about to immerse yourself in the Sadowsaiach Universe. Enjoy~

Galaxies Edit

Two Galaxies thus far have been made known in the Sadowsaiach Universe; the Milky Way Galaxy, home to Earth, Gaia, Tyraesal, and other planets, and the Curved Edge Galaxy, home to the Arturious Empire and its vast reaches. Travel between them is possible but unless Hyperflight is used, it could take many years to reach each other.

Planets Edit

  • Earth: Earth is as it is in real life. However, the one truly controlling the scenes of the planet is the Gentleman, an enigmatic figure of great wealth, influence, and near immortality thanks to advanced technology hidden from the public. Along with this are the Apostles, a secretive clan of the world's most elite and gifted assassins, mercenaries, warriors, etc. Earth is considered the Cosmic Holy Land, the very first planet created by God, and a focal point of Soul and Karmic energy. It has very few and secretive dealings in Magic, some being gifted with the art but those who are either don't realize their true potential or are not given the chance to make it public. Some believe in it, others are misguided or simply dismiss it as parlor tricks.
  • Gaia: Like Earth, Gaia is a culturally and geographically diverse world that contrasts highly with that of Earth, housing extremely different species, both humanoid or otherwise, and doctrines of culture and tradition. It is the seat of power for all Magic in the Milkyway Galaxy as well as the strict religious doctrine known simply as the "Church". The universal language on the planet is Gaian, which can easily be translated into English and other languages due to Illumination Magic.

God Edit

God in the Sadowsaiach Universe is a Cosmic entity that acts as a complex, universal conglomerate of ideas, information, and thoughts. It can portray itself in any manner, being Omnipotent to a fault. Angels and devout Christians and Church enthusiasts believe God rests at the seat of power in Heaven, the upper layer that is unaccessible to anyone but Michael and Gabriel, the leading two Archangels. While that is true, the upper layer is merely a doorway to God's presence; the entity resides everywhere and is, thus, always watching everything and allowing everything's Sephiroth to be in check.

God created the Angels, starting with Lucifer, as well as every planet in the Sadowsaiach Universe.

Heaven Edit

Heaven is a separate realm from the dimension keeping all of these planets and galaxies, though unlike Hell which is connected to all worlds, Heaven is only connected to Earth, rendering Earth the only way to reach Heaven physically. It is home to the Angels and Holy creatures as well as the souls of those who have devoted themselves to God. It resembles Ancient Greece in architecture and appearance, with grassy plains as far as the eye can see. However, it is a comparatively small realm to Hell.

This page is still under construction.

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