Secondary Character - KIA

Name: Thunderscythe

Faction: Decepticon

Role: Geologist

Alternate Mode: VTOL craft

Armaments and Tools: A pair of light, underslung gatling guns in both modes. Fires moderately-powered metal slugs. Miniature energon well, for personal use when on field missions. Array of geological sensors, deployable from the rear of the alternate mode, and from the arms of robot mode.

Strengths: Thunderscythe's portable energon well allows for the mining of small amounts of energon when away from a base, allowing Thunderscythe to remain on missions for many cycles. His geological sensors also allow him to track down large energon deposits, ensuring that outposts are well-fueled.

Weaknesses: Being only a geologist, Thunderscythe possesses very little in the way of weapons and armours.

History: Thunderscythe was a passenger on the Zeitgeist before its unfortunate crash on Korash Delta-5, and helped with the Decepticons on construction of the outpost, mainly by locating sources of energon to fuel their research and developement. Although older than the other scientists, Thunderscythe has seen even less combat than they have, preferring to remain in his laboratory, allowing the younger Decepticons to fight.

However, he has proved himself in combat on a single occasion. Believing the outpost to be an unarmed neutral scientific outpost, a group of unarmed raiders, who had crashed on another part of the planet, attempted to seize control by weight of numbers. Thunderscythe, although not harming any, was able to frighten them off, by removing the sound dampeners on his gatling guns, and stirring fear into the raiders, by way of loud noises and bright flashes while in vehicle mode, pretending to be an advanced military Transformer.

A short while after Blazecleaver left the outpost, Horrorflame followed him, dragging the unfortunate geologist with him, and taking control of his processor using his newest invention. After encountering the former gunnery chief, Thunderscythe was forced to fight him, using only his fists and feet. Heavily damaged, he was shortly repaired, then pushed into action during a huge brawl on the surface of Cybertron, near Polyhex, where he met his end at the hands of Airstrike.

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