Tiberian Alt mode: F15 (G1 earth seeker) robot mode

Function: Hazardous materials specialist

BIO: Created by lord Vulcan Tiberian suffers with an eternal curse. His body releases radiation that is near fatal to all living things. But this radiation makes him stand out like a 1000W bulb on scanners. This radiaiton is harvestable by decepticon sceince but the energy it creates [similar to ore 13] is highly unstable and when absorbed by a decepticon as energy gives them a filtered version of what tiberain functions with everyday. He is in near contant pain from the radiation and hence he feels almost no pain. He is by no means invulnerable but blowing off one of his limbs would cause him little bother as to him that is what a normal decepticon would feel if shot normally. Despite being able to regenerate his lost limbs tiberian is known to flee readily to in the face of any foe that is larger than himself. An expert in handling any material no mater how hazardous it may be.

Weapons/abilities. Rad cannons: Armed with two standard seeker weapons that fire concentrated burst of his internal radiation this weapon causes unbearable pain and will knock his target's weaponry and combat computers offline for two cycles. Prolonged exposure can weaken Tiberian temporarily and put his foes offline for a cycle.

Regeneration: Tiberian can regenerate his exterior parts as long as his core is not exposed. This takes a few nano clicks to take effect.

Weaknesses: Visible on every scanner type, His cowardice means that he is not one to stand and fight commonly looking for the closest largest rock when the firing starts. Tiberian has no known physical weaknesses. SharpSpike is offline Add to SharpSpike's Reputation Report Post

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