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To The Simming Community:

Over the last several years especially after attempting and failing at assisting organized and run community wide events I have had the feeling that my time as a leader in this great community has come and passed yet I was unwilling to accept it. With this the latest failure being the recent attempt to organize the 2013 Tournament of Simulations I accept my fate. It is worthless to fade and dim a legacy that to quote a friend "...helped being life to a million dreams. We will forever be in your debt," Chas Hammer.

In my time I have seen this marvelous experiment start, expand, splinter into a thousand pieces yet grow.i have made many friends and sadly lose a few as well. I've seen us develop from a small group into a thriving community of ideas. I have been able to lead and follow people who have done amazing things.

I guess the most important part is that I leave my legacy, my co-creation in the hands of the people who have become my students and successors, my fellow players, the community that developed around simming. So now in my parting words I leave you all with good luck and good fortune. May your experiences in this great community be as great as mine have been.

Tigra Tigress

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