The Monster Truck Special Operations Team was assembled prior to the Great War to be a special squad that could be sent on missions where subtlety wasn't needed. They have very little skill in espionage, mainly because they were to be sent in to rescue prisoners and take out enemy agents who had already been uncovered.

The squad consists of four members: See primary characters for Obliterators profile

Name: Top Gun

Primary Function: Commander

Alt Mode: Earth Monster Truck

Alt Mode2: None

Alignment: Autobot

Weapons: Particle Cannon, (15 rounds per magazine, carries 3 magazines) Laser Blaster (Only has enough energy for 100 shots)

Profile: Commander of the Monster Truck Special Operations Team

Abilities: Top Gun is kind of a misnomer. His initial alt mode on Cybertron was as a space fighter, capable of high sublight speeds and carrying multiple particle cannons. While on a mission chasing down a possible Decepticon agent on Earth, he was shot down and crashed in the American southwest. With his scanners damaged, he was only able to scan slower ground vehicles.

His intial report claims he was unable to find a suitable earth vehicle until a large truck passed by, carrying a Monster truck in it’s cargo hold, probably on the way to a demonstration. He scanned that monster truck, hoping it would have more speed than the truck carrying it. He now claims he likes being a monster truck.

Due to his experiences as a flyer, Top Gun is considered the best pilot of the non-flyer Autobots. Rumor has it that if something can be made to fly, he can fly it.

Weakness: Top Gun is overly cautious, and has difficulties making snap decisions.

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