UES Columbia was a Star Trek sim from Federation Sim Fleet that ran from 2003 to 2006. Hosted by Joe Ferguson, the Columbia was set in the post-Enterprise, Pre-TOS Star Trek era.

Name: UES Columbia
Affiliation: Federation Sim Fleet
Game Status: Inactive


In 2063 mankind found its way into the final frontier. A spark, struck by Zefram Cochrane, launched the human race into an existence that before could have only been a fantasy. In the years following war and illness disappeared and the Earth became united, no longer plagued by the sickness of power and greed, only the hunger to find the better. With this in mind, in the year 2151, the United Earth Star Fleet launched Enterprise, Earth's first Warp Five starship, into the space unknown.

It was in 2156 when darkness fell upon Earth, coming in the form of a vicious attack that killed seventy-eight thousand civilians. In a brief instant, twenty-four UESN (United Earth Stellar Navy) ships were destroyed near Station Salem I by the Romulan Star Empire; the Earth-Romulan War had begun. It was apparent the following year, during the Battle Of Hell's Gate, that new UESN ships needed to be commissioned.

In the year 2158, the Daedalus Class starships became the new flagship vessels of the UESN forces against the Romulan Star Empire. Now, in the year 2160, one vessel will make the difference between winning and losing this war, one crew will decide in victory or defeat.

From Joe...Edit

I find it amazing at how many different sources I used to create the backdrop of this sim, to set up the introduction, laying out the specs, gathering images, etc. I had no idea when I got the idea to create a post- Enterprise, pre-TOS sim that it would turn into what you see before you. My original idea for this sim was to have a sim like no other. I looked around at the enormous amounts of sims in various groups... and it is endless at the amount of sims that are just alike. I wanted to forge into an unknown, or not as heavily populated area of Star Trek. I first wanted a sim that took place exactly in the middle of Enterprise and TOS, I wanted a test-bed for the warp 7 engine, a ship that was experimenting with double-hulled designs... the first ship I found was the LANCASTER Classs ship created by Thomas Pemberton.

Seeing as the Starfleet Museum was my first stop of my quest for resources, I decided to read over the history that Masao Okazaki had written. I enjoyed the compilation, but didn't really want to use that layout to place my sim in, and I decided that the time period I had originally decided on was not good either. Instead I decided on a time period still set after Enterprise, but prior to the founding of the United Federation of Planets. Much to my surprise, there was only a 10 year difference in the two, so I settled on 7 years post-Enterprise.

Now, one of the first things that come to my mind after the initial concept of this sim, was the ship name. I decided on Columbia, in honor of the Space Shuttle Columbia. You might imagine my surprise when I found a Daedalus Class ship, named Columbia... that was created and launched the same year that my sim was set in. The images of the Columbia that I have used where created by Andrew Hall, I also used Daedalus Class images created by Brian Minosh and Sean Robertson.

O.k. so now I have a sim setting, ship pics, now I need an introduction... something to bring simmers in and allow them to understand what is going on in this sim. For that I turned to a very talented and exceptional writer, my friend, Gabe. A big thank you goes out to him for writing the wonderful introduction for this website. For the more detailed history I found exactly what I needed at The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae, more specifically on their page History 162: The Earth- Romulan War. I made very small changes to this, one being the launch of the Enterprise and the other being the founding of the United Earth Starfleet.

What good is a wonderfully laid out sim without extra information to incite your simmers with? After compiling the history I decided to look for cutaway images, deck layouts, and specifications for the Daedalus Class ship. Right away I realized that there were plenty of places to look for specs, but I decided on a very trusted resource for this, The Daystrom Institute Technical Library. Here I found detailed specifications that were exactly what I was looking for.

The finishing touches of the website and sim layout come from a couple different sources. Spike's Star Trek Page provided me with excellent uniform pics, as well as the logo for Starfleet shown on the first page of this website. Ex Astris Scientia provided a marvelous picture of the NX-01 bridge, which is the same layout I am using for this sim, and the rank pip images seen in the roster section were created by FSF Phoenix.

My deepest appreciation goes out to everyone who has assisted me in creating this sim, CdrMikeAsg was a big help in concept support, helping me mix Enterprise and other Trek facts into one constant. My deepest apologizes to ANYONE who I have left out of this thank you. I gathered so much information from so many places I know I have left someone out. E-mail me at if you see someone's work that I have not credited. Before I forget, I also want to thank Ken Gillis, Justin Ashton, Andrew Hodges, and FSF Seth for creating different misc. images for me. Thank you to all.

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