Archimedes was a Star Trek-based Play By Board (PBB) sim that existed from June 6th, 2006 to March 22nd, 2010.


Archimedes began in Obsidian Fleet on either 6 or 19 June 2006 (date disputed). On 3 February 2008 Archimedes left the fleet and helped Capricorn Group. In November of the same year Archimedes became fully independent and operated autonomously from any simming group. It ceased operations on 22 March 2010.

The sim was fueled by the collaboration between writers both for mission posts and in the out of character community. There was some semblance to plot but the writers liked to focus on their characters development and interactions. Archimedes also boasted the completion of over 20 missions and shore-leaves written over three and a half years of activity.

Since the closure of Archimedes, many of the writers have transferred to Kepler Station , where they continue to develop their characters, old and new.


In 2383 USS Archimedes began her maiden voyage under the command of Commander Nathan Geiger and Lieutenant Commander Stacy Rabb. However after a technical incident the Executive Officer Stacy Rabb, is trapped in transporter two's pattern buffer. Archimedes is called out to investigate an extremely large comet. This turns out to be a dyson-sphere type vessel and an away team is beamed over to investigate. The team unwittingly awaken large humanoid robots which are intent on killing them. Forced to go on a run through the maze that makes up the internals of the vessel while waiting for the Archimedes crew to find a way to get them out without being destroyed by the vessels automated defense systems. Lieutenant Commander Rabb is subsequently lost in order to save the away team.

2384 sees Archimedes on a routine mission charting an unexplored region of space. Archimedes encounters a recently warp capable civilization known as the Kentary, and is asked down to sample their hospitality. Things go from good to bad though when a ship believed to have been destroyed 16 years ago during Wolf 359 enters orbit around the planet and strange time distortions affect the crew of the Archimedes. A small child is the only person to be saved from the ship before it is lost again in time.

After shore-leave Archimedes is sent back to Kentary space to investigate a nebula that has been behaving oddly after a run in with chronotons and anti-chronotons (the previous Archimedes mission). The investigation is led by the famous scientist Doctor Luton Powell, who up until now had been living as a recluse. And this recluse has brought his fair share of eccentricities along with him. The mad doctor who was once human, has uploaded his mind into a holographic program so he could continue his research. Now that it is complete he's looking to reclaim an organic body for not only himself but his holographic henchmen. The doctor's plans were thwarted, but not after a member of the Archimedes crew lost their life in the name of science.

Archimedes returns to Starbase 50, their main base of operations to enjoy the local Rear Admiral Eliza Speight's hospitality. The Admiral also warns the Archimedes Captain that an old friend Jakob Turner, has returned. Jakob has a nefarious plan, to use a device on the recently promoted Captain which will revert his mind back to that of his twenty-six year old self. An age where Nathan Geiger was much more open to the suggestive allure of illegal activities and sexual opportunities. Jakob takes advantage of the situation with the hope of stealing a sphere that Archimedes is sent to retrieve from a recently excavated Slaver weapon. Things get worse when the Zarnac, a reptilian species, also become interested in what could potentially be a weapon.

The Captain of the Archimedes has his mind restored and takes a month off on stress leave. This leaves the Archimedes crew in the by the book hands of one Commander Spork. The acting Commanding Officer makes everyone's life hell as he insists on round the clock drills during the mission. A science away team study the ruins of a small civilization. All that is left is their crumbling temple and markings depicting something they used to worship before they seemed to quickly die off. Lulled into a false sense of security the team do not realize that what killed off the natives has turned its attention to them and they've unwittingly brought it back to the Archie with them. This parasitic lifeform infects the crew, subjecting them to hallucinations meant to induce fear which the parasites feed off and use to reproduce. Those not infected go against Commander Spork's wishes and release a happy / horny gas into the air supply. Almost everyone is saved by their mutinous actions.

Starfleet lost contact with a civilian contracted anthropological observation post. The Archimedes is dispatched to investigate. Upon arrival an away team traveling by shuttle to what should be a cloaked outpost, finds only a burnt shell. The team have to find out what happened and where the scientists are (if any are still alive) all while eluding the primitive natives. In orbit the crew of the Archimedes have their hands full dealing with a being claiming to be God.

At the end of 2384 and the beginning of 2385 Archimedes enters orbit around Risa for some relaxing fun in the sun. Things go awry though when the ship is stolen! The senior staff decide to take matters into their own hands to rescue their beloved ship. To do that though they are forced to steal another Starfleet vessel, USS Valkyrie, a Wallace class. En route they find a stowaway, one Commander Kendra Smith, who had similar plans only to rescue some marines. They cut a deal and rescue the marines from a planet of plants intent on eating everyone. The marines are then enlisted in assisting the Archimedes crew in retrieving their missing ship. They soon realize that Archimedes is on course to Starbase 50 and once they arrive they find a sea of bodies floating around the Regula class station. Behind the massacre are two old enemies who have joined forces, Jakob Turner and Doctor Powell. Just as well there are a few marines handy to help retake the station and Archimedes!

The senior staff are court materialized for their actions but manage to remain in Starfleet (having saved a sector of space from certain doom). The next six months are spent cleaning up Starbase 50 and getting ready for its handover to the marines. Archimedes is sent off for much needed repairs and a complete refit after her battering.

Archimedes is returned and is sent to Bretma IV to evacuate a colony of techno-refusers due to the system's sun about to go nova. After much moral debate a handful of colonists are forcibly removed from the planet. What is startling however is that the planet clearly disappears seconds before the nova reaches it. It seems the colonists had found a way to save themselves and the Archimedes crew have several displaced and very angry children on their hands. Not to mention having to swallow a harsh lesson.

The end of 2385 sees the Archimedes crew spend time with their families and friends on board Starbase 50 as everyone celebrates Federation Day.

One the first day of 2386 two of the Archimedes crew members are enveloped a glowing light and whisked away into another reality. There they find one of them is supposed to be dead and the other is a murderer. After getting off to a rocky start they enlist the help from those on the USS Valiant in a case of I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

With the missing crew members returned relatively safe and sound to Archimedes, the ship sets out to chart unclaimed space between the Gorn and Tholian empires. A distress signal coming from just within Gorn territory is received and Archimedes races after the Gorn and Tholian ships that take off in that direction. Archimedes beams over a medical and security team to the distressed and severely beaten Raven class vessel. However they end up in the middle of a Mexican standoff and Archimedes engages in some dirty tactics to get their away team back.

The crew throw the Captain's five year old (and recently discovered) son a belated birthday party. After the fun and cake it is revealed that the Captain is taking the ship to Betazed so he can leave the child with his deceased mother's relatives. The unhappy crew set out from SB50 with a group of marines that are also headed to the same destination. As it turns out the marines are fake and in a very short order of time have Archimedes dead in the water and take the Captain's son. After bringing Archimedes back to life the crew set off in pursuit to find the culprits and make them pay.

Acting on information from a captured fake marine, Archimedes arrives at a suspiciously well shielded Federation Outpost. They find the ship that the fake marines used to escape, but it's empty. The only sign of the Captain's son is a strand of hair. It is revealed by the Station Commander that it is property of Starfleet's own Intel division and to get out of dodge, so to speak. Some of the crew volunteer to go undercover and look for the boy, splitting into two teams of two. One team hacks the computer core and uploads a virus, just in case. A second team stumbles across a lab that contains at least a dozen unconscious little girls, all hooked up to machines. The hackers are found out, the two get separated and one is wounded and caught. Everyone else makes it back to Archimedes. A firefight between ship and outpost ensues as Archimedes is forced to retreat. The captured Officer is forced to undo the damage his virus is wrecking on the Outpost, he pretends to go along with it but instead beams 50 unconscious little girls to Archimedes before the Outpost explodes due to a massive power buildup...

Technical SpecificationsEdit

  • Class: Nova
  • Expected Duration: 50 years
  • Time Between Refit: 2 years


  • Officers: 15
  • Enlisted Crew: 70
  • Civilians: 15
  • Evacuation Capacity: 225


  • Full Impulse: .25c
  • Cruising Velocity: Warp 6
  • Maximum Velocity: Warp 8 (for 12 hours maximum)


  • Length: 180 metres
  • Width: 34 metres
  • Height: 43 metres
  • Decks: 8

Auxiliary CraftEdit

  • Main Shuttlebay: 1
  • Auxiliary Shuttlebay: 1
  • WaveRider Docking Port: 1
  • Type 9 - Light Medium-Range Shuttlecraft: 2
  • Type 16 - Shuttlepods: 2
  • Hunley Class - Shuttle: 1
  • WaveRider Class - Shuttle: 1


  • Type IX Phaser Array: 6
  • Asymmetrical Peristaltic Subspace Graviton Field Shielding System
  • Type 6 Torpedo Launcher: 3
  • Torpedoes: 40
  • Probe Casings: 15

Computer SystemsEdit

  • Computer Core: 1
  • V-109 System


  • Number of Systems: 4
  • Personnel Transporters: 1
  • Cargo Transporters: 1
  • Emergency Transporters: 2

Command TeamEdit

Past Command TeamEdit

Executive OfficersEdit

  • 2385 - 2386: Commander Kendra Smith - reassignment (marriage to CO's older half brother)
  • 2384: Commander Christopher Cornhopolis - reassigned
  • 2384: Commander Ryan Lytham - medical transfer due to injuring himself in the shower
  • 2383 - 2384: Lieutenant Aedan Harper - medical transfer due to induced coma while suffering from Rigelian Fever
  • 2383: Lieutenant Commander Stacy Rabb - deceased due to transporter incident

Second OfficersEdit

  • 2384 - 2386: Lieutenant Austin Wagner - reassigned after marriage
  • 2383: Lieutenant Glen Ferrell

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