The USS Avalon was a Star Trek simulation first launched in June 1988 under the command of Max Urooj on the Quantum Link internet program. It's primary mission was one of intelligence gathering on the enemies of the Federation with the standard Federation mission of research and exploration on the side, but that has changed depending on the version that was running. There is a possibility due to lineage that the current USS Avalon in Sixth Fleet is a continuation of this game, thus making it the oldest simulation still played regularly.

1988 to 1992 Edit

The USS Avalon served as one of the founding games to what eventually became StarFleet Online on the network known as Quantum Link. At the time of it's beginning, it was an originally developed idea that the commanding officer was going to use with a mix of other ideas over time, one of them, the idea of his Chief CONN Officer, Lieutenant Commander Tigra Tigress and ship's XO Traper, to play by email as opposed to through chat (this eventually lead to the PBeM Development Team). As the exodus from Quantum Link was beginning to happen, Max actually polled his crew who quickly reunited on AOL fully intact without losing a single crew member, the only game that was able to do that. In May of 1992 for unknown reasons, the USS Avalon ceased service and closed.

1992 to 1998Edit

In July of 1992 the same crew that closed the Avalon name just two months prior reunite and bring the name back with them. In this version of the Avalon, the crew and game undergoes major changes including changing the class for the ship three times and getting the games second and third ever commading officers. The Avalon also moves from fleet to fleet in this period. When Continuum Online was forming,the ship under the command of Captain Traper moved to that fleet.

When Traper passed away the crew decided to stay together and sim in his honor and memory. Sometime later the ship moved to Seventh Fleet. Shortly after leaving Seventh Fleet, thesimulation desolved.

1998 Edit

Based on timing it may have been a mere coincidence, but several weeks after the USS Avalon broke up, Tango Fleet forms a new simulation that happens to share both the name and a slightly altered registry number and mission to that of the original.

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