The USS Confucius was a Star Trek irc based chat sim that was a member of Taskforce 254. The sim was notable for being conducted in the Dutch language.[1] The Confucius was active from 2005 to at least 2008.[2]

Command staffEdit

The Confucius was commanded by Selar and later, Dawn Morganth.[3]


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  2. The dates are derived from the first mission briefing and logs posted at the sim's website, which are dated from 2005, and the fact that the sim's website was still listed as active as of 2008. This information can be found at here and here. ChasTOL, April 20, 2014.
  3. This is based on Selar being listed as the commanding officer here and Dawn Morganth being listed as the commanding officer here. ChasTOL, April 20, 2014.

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