The USS Discovery was a PBeM game and the predecessor of a collaborative fan-fiction story.


The USS Discovery was created on October 1, 2003, by William Eastwood, in order to absorb simmers from the USS Callisto after Nova Fleet disbanded. It absorbed Lydia Ilanov and Wesley Hutton from the USS Sunfire-B, after efforts by Ashla Bogan to create a USS Starfire sim, and then a USS Dawnstar sim both failed. It also absorbed Leto Corrino, Liam Miller, and Ace Decade after he disbanded the USS Liberty NCC-65604, due to time constraints.

Discovery's first run was from October 2003 until May 2006. When started, the game functioned primarily as a traditional PBEM sim, with the individual characters controlled by their players, and plot-lines developed as they went along. William Eastwood largely just facilitated the game, and ensured that the individual "missions" were in-sync with the overall "theme" of the Discovery. By mid to late 2004, the Discovery was transitioning from a "free for all" PBEM game to more of a collaborative fiction project. William Eastwood and many of the core group of members collectively began the process by making notes for upcoming "missions" with key points they wanted to cover. As the Game Master, William Eastwoof facilitated story development, and helped players write their parts.

Throughout it's existence as a PBEM and later transitional sim, the Discovery prided itself for story content and posting quality. Post content and composition were encouraged to be high, and the average minimum post length for the game was 2 pages in MS Word, size 12 font. This became an unofficial minimum standard. The longest single-person post recorded was 13 pages long, which averaged roughly 4000-5000 words. The longest multi-player "joint post" was nearly twice as long. A newsletter was maintained semi-regularly by members of the crew, which featured awards, news articles, editorials and upcoming plans for the game.

William Eastwood served as the Game Master through the Discovery's entire run. During that time, the Discovery prided itself on never having any internal rifts, separations or conflicts. OOC messages were not sent through the group pages on a regular basis, and the games rules were enforced evenly to all players. As a PBEM game, Discovery averaged between 50 and 120 posts a month for its run. The final posts in May 2006 marked the end of the USS Discovery as a transitional PBeM sim, the game having fully transitioned into a collaborative fan-fiction story.

Original Players:

  • Captain William Eastwood, Commnading Officer
  • Commander Sadena, Executive Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Noelani V. Conyers (aka Ashla Bogan), Chief CONN Officer & AXO
  • Lieutenant Commander William Frost, Special Operations Detachment Leader
  • Lieutenant Commander Leto Corrino, Chief Engineer
  • Lieutenant Wesley S. Hutton, Chief Security/Tactical Officer
  • Lieutenant Cassiopea Mikkel-O'Neal, Chief Medical Officer
  • Lieutenant Doril Jer'im, Chief Sciences Officer
  • Lieutenant Pia Porta, Chief Counselor
  • Lieutenant Gerrant Asilon De'vall, Security Officer
  • Lieutenant Liam Miller, Security Officer
  • Lieutenant Ace Decade, CONN Officer
  • Lieutenant Rakashkas, Engineer
  • Ensign Suvok, Security Officer
  • Second Lieutenant Peter Vonter, Marine Detachment Commander
  • Ensign Yarel Tsai, Security Officer
  • Ensign Lydia Ilanov, Counselor
  • Ensign S'svaan, Medical Officer
  • Petty Officer Second Class Kenshin, Security Officer (aka Master-at-Arms)

Seventh FleetEdit

The Discovery existed as part of a fictional "Seventh Fleet." The Seventh Fleet was used in the in-game story as the USS Discovery's parent fleet, of which she was a part of Task Force 71, assigned to deep space exploration in the Gamma Quadrant. Out of Story, William Eastwood used the facade of a "Seventh Fleet" to politely turn down membership requests from outside fleets under the guise that Discovery was a member of a simming group already. The ruse eventually expanded in-game to cover several other games, including the USS Liberty, and the USS Tuolumne. Seventh Fleet as an organization never existed, however, and all of its "admiralty" were made up of NPCs. A website was fabricated to simulate the "Seventh Fleet" and the game webpages listed the each sim as a "proud member of Seventh Fleet." It is arguable that the ruse worked too well, as there is still a misconception about the existence of said "Seventh Fleet" in relation to the USS Discovery, Liberty and Tuolumne that exists to this day.

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