• Enterprise I
  • Predecessors
  • Current Command Team

  • The USS Enterprise NCC 1701-I was launched on December 25, 2400 under the command of then Rear Admiral Jaimie Kirk. Over the course of the next year, the Enterprise-I and her crew would survive events such as sabotage, battles with ships with superior strenght, or even encounters with what was once thought to be mythological creatures. The Enterprise I is the 10th Starfleet vessel to carry the name of Enterprise and the second Enterprise to have a Kirk sitting in the command chair. This Enterprise variation is a prototype ship from Starfleet, she is anAurora Class vessel and one of only two within the Fleet today.

  • The Enterprise I has had 9 predecessors that came before her, beginning with the Fleets most recent the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-H. The Enterprise H was also under the command of Jaimie Kirk and was launched in early 2392. This variation was aStarchaser Mark II Class Vessel. During her 8 years of service, she went through many trials including a second Dominion War. The Enterprise H was so severly damaged at the end of the Second Dominion War that she had to be decommissioned and a new Enterprise made to replace her. The USS ENTERPRISE NCC 1701-G came into existance mid year of 2390 after a battle with a borg vessel destroyed the USS Shadow, Jaimie Kirk's first command. The Enterprise G was a Starchaser Mark I class vessel, yet another prototype from Starfleet. Captain Jaimie Kirk took command of the Enterprise-G in 2390 at the tender age of 32, and then just a short two years in 2392 later the Enterprise G crash landed on the planet of Gorn much like her predecessor the Enterprise D crashed on Veridian III. The history of the Enterprise is very unique indeed.

  • The current command team aboard the USS Enterprise I have been serving together for atleast the last year and have proven to be a very effective group of leaders. Now Fleet Captain, Jaimie Kirk has sat in the command chair for the last 11 years... out lasting many of her previous officers. Her team is made up of efficient minded officers such as Commander's Rok Ingerson and Jeanne Lancy and Lieutenant Commander L'Sira S'kar, ships Chief Engineer. With these officers aboard ship, the Enterprise -I will surely service the Fleet for many years to come.

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