The USS Excelsior is a Star Trek chat sim that serves in the United Space Federation (USF) and meets weekly on Sunday nights from 8:00 - 9:00 pm EST (5:00 - 6:00 pm PST) in the USF Webchat Room.

Simming HistoryEdit

The Excelsior is the longest running sim in the United Space Federation. It was created in 1994 by Andy B. Clements and it became the USF's premier sim upon the sim group's founding in 1995. Most of the hosts that followed continued Clements' tradition of long plot arcs and plenty of character development in sim and in logs.

Initially, Andy Clements designed the Excelsior-B (so named because the canon Star Trek Excelsior would have been A) as an experimental Ahzdar-Class. It remained such until Eric Praethen had the ship's stardrive section destroyed in a Fleet-wide plot about the Hobus crisis, in 2009. A few month's later, John Styre, after taking over command, brought in the new and current version of the Excelsior, a Charleston-Class.

In the spring of 2009, the Excelsior sim moved from its long time AOL/AIM chatroom to the newly set up USF Webchat Room at

Command StaffEdit

Current Commanding Officer: T'Ashal (May 2011-present)
Current Executive Officer: Joshua Trellis (May 2011-present)
Former Commanding Officers: Andy B. Clements (June 1994-Jan. 1999), Pe'er Arronax (Jan. 1999-May 2002), Athansios Xander (May 2002-Dec. 2002), Jason Storm (Jan. 2003-May 2003), Eric Praethen/Jonathan Anders (May 2003-Oct. 2009), John Styre (Nov. 2009-May 2011)
Former Executive Officers: Monodox (Unknown-Nov. 1996), Jay Winger (Nov. 1996-Jan. 1998), Pe'er Arronax (Feb, 1998-Jan. 1999), Le (April 1999-May 2002), Alan Russell (July 2002-Unknown), ni Sil Xix S'Vannis ni Ryr (May 2003-May 2011)

Fictional HistoryEdit

After the destruction of the older, modified Galaxy-Class Excelsior, Starfleet did extensive research on the information attained from the ship when it was pushed into the 25th century. The knowledge gained was then applied to the construction of a much larger ship, the Azhdar-Class starship. Soon, Starfleet ordered this experimental, one-of-a-kind Ahzdar-Class vessel commissioned as the ‘The New’ USS Excelsior NX-2000-B.

As Starfleet's comprehensive spectrum of responsibilities to the citizens of the Federation and the lifeforms of the galaxy at large was always changing, the needs of Starfleet to meet this responsibility continued to change along with the makeup of the Federation. While many of these responsibilities were best carried out with relatively small, specialized ships, there continued to be an ongoing need for a small number of larger, multi-mission vehicles that were capable of implementing the complete range of Starfleet's objectives. That was why the Ahzdar-Class had been design with future technologies, which meant the USS Excelsior would be the most adaptable ship to all events which might arise.

(More early history is still being researched.)

In mid 2387, as the USS Exelcior-B came to the aid of the citizens on Romulus and helped out with evacuation efforts due to the Hobus star supernova, a saboteur tampered with the propulsion system and managed to cripple it. Unable to outrun the shockwave from the supernova even with the help of other ships, Captain Praethen ordered a saucer separation. The saucer section with most of the crew and refugees was then able to outrun the destructive force, though the stardrive section was destroyed, together with the Captain, his Chief Science Officer, and several others that had stayed behind to try and regain speed.

(History of John Styre's command is still being researched.)

By the end of January 2388, Captain T'Ashal had been put in command of the new Excelsior-C. Under her command, the Excelsior became the lead ship of a fleet of seven ships that was dispatched by commission of the Federation Council to go into Romulan space to provide food and aid to refugees and to help the displaced survivors of the Hobus disaster find new homes.

Unbeknownst by the crew, she was actually under compulsion to Admiral Boris Michaev, an SFI Officer, who knew a secret about her that he used to his own advantage. Under constant scrutiny by her appointed watchdog, Lt. Cmdr. Zlar, tensions soon began to rise. When the Captain was badly injured during a mission to Rator III, the CMO became the only other officer aboard the ship that new T'Ashal was not Vulcan but rather Romulan. Though the Doctor didn't realize the implications of that discovery at that point.

(More history is currently played out in the sims to come.)

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