The USS Experiment was a Star Trek simulation active on GEnie in 1992.



In early 1992, Tigra Tigress and a few existing senior players from Spacefleet Online in addition to their activities on AOL, went to GEnie (General Electric Network for Information Exchange) to try to build a new side of simming using the roundtable system that was in place on the network. Each roundtable was user created and consisted of a message board, real time chat and a files library, for the basis of the test, being that it was just that, The roundtable was listed as Starfleet Online, while the one game was known as the USS Experiment.

First MissionEdit

The first mission for the Experiment was also an attempt at recruiting and that was done with permission not on the real time chat and message board of Starfleet Online, but on one of the Science Fiction roundtables (SFRT), with support from several members of the group. The use of that round table lasted two months and the crew had a successful mission in their eyes and announced that they will be on their own round table for the next mission.

The Second MissionEdit

For the second mission, the ship started with just the same players who they had for the first mission and assumed due to how quickly the mission turnaround was of one week that maybe they well see new players come soon. As the mission progressed, there were people who came in to talk about the then ongoing Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as the soon to be premiering Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but none of these players showed interest in actually joining the Experiment.

Failed ExperimentEdit

At the close of the second mission, the crew was in a general agreement that for what ever reason, simming was not an interest to the members of GEnie and some were getting questioned as to why their activities on their AOL games were slipping. As such, the expedition to GEnie was ended and the Starfleet Online round table was closed.

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