This game was created on February 16, 2006 as a result of a brainstorming session by Stuart Collis and several other individuals. Shortly before he had a vote to have America break away from the SLA, he decided to run a second sim. His original concept was to have an Original Series game set in the time of Captain Kirk with perhaps a smaller ship. He wanted to make a game that was a happy, campy type of game with possible moral lessons. It was to be episodic, with quick in and out plots.

However, after re-watching numerous Original Series episodes, he stumbled upon an idea after watching the episode "A Piece of the Action." That episode mentioned a Daedalus class starship called Horizon that sent a radio signal back to the Federation that did not arrive for 100 years after leaving Sigma Iota II. The Federation presumed that Horizon was lost shortly after leaving that planet and was never heard from again.

After a great deal of research into Star Trek lore, nothing else was mentioned about Horizon. Stuart floated the idea of Horizon not being destroyed but forever being lost, and unlike Voyager, not trying to reach home to a few individuals. Everyone liked the idea of a Daedalus class starship and the concept. Horizon was instantly born and an immediate success, averaging two posts a day.

This sim focuses heavily on strong and creative writing skills. Like America, ENT is considered never to have happened. Since the sim occurs in 2168, the technology is little better than we have in modern society. Horizon keeps the Trek terms, ranks and limited technology of the time but from there, Trek is rather irrelevant. Horizon, under command of Captain Gary Stephen Alexander, is currently located in the Greater Magellenic Cloud and likely will never leave. It is a story in which approximately 150 people know they will never live to see home and how they react in their new environment. Applications can be made directly to Captain Alexander at

Weblinks are: and

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