USS Legacy is a Federation Sim Fleet Star Trek role-play.

"To be bound by honor and never falter." That is the motto of the USS Legacy. The Legacy travels through the Alpha Quadrant serving as a diplomat, a scientist, and, when the situation calls for it, a warrior. She is captained by the most innovative command staff, and crewed by the bravest in Starfleet. After experiencing the boldness, the intelligence, and the warmth of fellow crewmembers , officers do not call this starship an assignment, but a home.

The USS Legacy is an ambassador-class refit and the flagship of Alpha Fleet. It has had the honor of beginning the careers of countless command officers who have left to captain their own vessels. And as it warps into the unkown, it will continue to maintain the honor, the dignity, and the glory of the Federation. This is Star Trek: Legacy


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