The USS Lionheart is a simulation in the Starfleet Legacy Alliance, presently hosted by Captain Erika Rheyan and Commander Uriel Vect.


The USS Lionheart was created in 2001 by Captain Garrison Powers. That same year, it joined the Starfleet Legacy Alliance.

Former commanding officers, in chronological order: Garrison Powers, T.C. Abernathy.

Former executive officers, in chronological order: Hiroshi Tanaka, Ethan Kent, T.C. Abernathy, Erika Rheyan.


The USS Lionheart holds the distinction of being winning the Starfleet Legacy Alliance's first ever "Sim of the Year" and "Lifetime Achievement" awards, amongst numerous other SLA awards. In 2006, the USS Lionheart won "Best Crew" and "Most Creative" in the Tournament of Simulations.

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