USS Magistrate

In 2379, Enterprise E falls in battle after facing a new Romulan Warbird prototype. Soon after, Earth falls to the same fate. The cause of all this destructions, a new Alliance composed of Romulans, Breens, and the Dominion empire that has newly formed in secret. The federation is in chaos, many worlds fall after this event, spreading destruction and misery. It didn't take long before the Klingons joined the fight with what was left of the Federation.

Almost 100 years later, The blood shed still lives on. The Klingon Empire has fallen. But they still fight along side of the thirty starfleet ships led by the USS Magistrate, from the old federation. With new situations arising, they decided leave. To start new lives. The Alpha Quadrant had fallen. There was nothing left for to do but to form a group, a fleet and make plans to escape,

The year is now 2486. 7 years later, The USS Magistrate Commands the New Federation in a new and unknown area of space, the fleet has grown, 24 new civilisations have joined the new Federation, the fleet is in turmoil with new discoveries made, struggles, and first contacts and all this with one ultimate goal, even if it will not be easy, regain what was lost.


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