The USS Monitor was a Defiant Class Starship that simmed in the Trek Online sim club.

Operational HistoryEdit

The ship, commanded by Lt. Commander De'skalytorveen, was attached to the USS Orion, and performed scouting and force protection operations with the Orion along the Federation - Cardassian border. On occasion, the Monitor also served along side the USS Vindicator, a ship that also patrolled the border. The Monitor, along with the USS Orion, was lost, and assumed destroyed with all hands, during the Dominion War.

Sim HistoryEdit

The Monitor was created by De'skalytorveen, a member of the USS Orion crew, in 1997. Between 1997 and 1998 the Monitor saw extensive action during Orion sims, allowing the sim to engage in fleet actions. The Monitor also made guest appearances at the sims of the USS Vindicator. The Monitor and its actions were controlled by De'skalytorveen, essentially making the Monitor a NPC, although as both the Orion and Vindicator sims employed a sim master, the final outcome of events was still controlled by the sim master.

While the Monitor was not a stand alone sim, it was recognized for its contributions by being added to the Trek Online sim register.

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