USS New Hampshire-A is a NOVA played Star Trek sim. Originally a member of The Ninth Fleet, the sim moved to Bravo Fleet in 2015, joining Task Force 99 in the Ares Theater group. The sim has been administered by Jason Dickerson, aka Colonel Jake Pike, since 2014.

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Current EpisodeEdit

Episode 4 - Gorn The U.S.S. New Hampshire-A has been sent to the Gorn border by Admiral Mike Bremer to investigate the sighting of an unknown vessel that was chased from Gorn space into Federation space, also to make sure no Gorn ships try to cross into Federation space.

Crew ManifestEdit

Commanding Officer - Colonel Jack Pike

Executive Officer - Commander Paul MacLeod

Chief Operations Officer/Second Officer - Lieutenant Commander Caleb Ward

Chief Medical Officer/Third Officer - Lieutenant Commander Mutara Romaine

Chief Security/Tactical Officer - Lieutenant Commander Leah Mya

Marine Detachment Commander - Major Strek

Chief Strategic Operations Officer - Ensign Johnathon Branson

Engineering Officer - Ensign Cordell Sutton

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